Jingdong user data was leaked official said 3 years ago due to vulnerability issues

network transmission Jingdong 12G user data leakage, Jingdong statement said the data from the 2013 Struts 2 security vulnerabilities, has completed the repair.


the evening of December 10th, the Jingdong was traced to data leakage.

allegedly, there is a 12G packet leakage, data, including user name, password, mailbox, QQ number, phone number, ID number and other dimensions, up to tens of millions of data.

Jingdong issued a statement on the morning of December 11th, said the data from the Struts 2 security vulnerabilities in 2013, has completed the repair.

The Jingdong

said in a statement, the security problem occurred at 2 Struts after the Jingdong, the rapid completion of the repair system, aiming at the possible risk of information security of users of the security upgrade that most was affected by the user to upgrade the security of their own account, but there was still a small part of the user did not timely upgrade account security, there is still some risk. In addition, Jingdong also recommends that users open the phone to verify and pay the password, and the password and password to set the password for the high complexity of the password, improve account security level.



leaked data part screenshot

this is not the first time Jingdong data leakage.

2015, the Jingdong was exposed a lot of user privacy information leakage. Jingdong responded in 3.15 the day before, said "no leakage of user information", and explained that some sites may be leaked private information, not fat molecules use hit the library "means to obtain user information.

called hit the library, that is, hackers will be leaked through the user name and password of some platforms, bulk login to other sites to obtain data.

hit the library to be able to succeed because most of them in order to facilitate easy to remember, in different platforms will use the same user name and password, which makes the hit library success rate is very high.

but the Jingdong leak was eventually confirmed with "hit", a year later, the survey results announced Jingdong: Jingdong appeared in "guzei".

"guzei" is the 3 employees of Jingdong logistics, a total of 3 people were leaked data including user name, phone, address, when orders, the goods purchased and other information. According to the judgment of the people’s Court of Beijing City, Daxing District, the total data leaked 3 people reached 9313. According to reports, the highest price is only 1.5 yuan / bar.

in addition to Jingdong, dangdang.com and Alipay in 2014 have been exposed to disclosure of user information, and Ctrip once broke the system security vulnerabilities.


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