Watercress to electricity providers fly it


watercress now do things closer to the money.

yesterday, watercress electricity supplier shopping products (things) (http://s.dongxi.douban.com/) formally launched, I first copied two sections of the press release:

in the entrance of "things" in the top navigation watercress, watercress in the community life of a large number of consumer content can be more convenient for users to find, other aspects of life in order to help users make decisions in the sound. As an online community around the interests of things on the line so that the connection between people and objects more complete. So far, watercress transition from the video to the spiritual life of the service to a full range of services around the discovery of life, which is also the original intention of the watercress line.

watercress business model, including brand advertising and electricity supplier related revenue. "Something" is not only a complete on-line watercress life service brand for Douban meaning, also expanded the watercress commercial space, let watercress commercial scale from tens of billions of books into the film music market trillion in electricity market.


watercress is not slow company

watercress want to fast, but it can not get up, because the advance of watercress to wait for the industry to mature. (commercial) can’t get up and live well, so it can only be regarded as slow company. I interpret the meaning from the press release stressed that "the watercress commercial scale into billions of books from film music market to the trillion electricity market that how can. There is no small company is not willing to grow into a large company, there is no one who does not want to get a slow growth of the company.

before things, watercress has already carried out a series of very pragmatic, market-oriented commercialization of operations, but are concentrated in the ten billion scale in the field of books and video. For example, books have a single textbook to watercress reading works shops, movie tickets online seat selection function, the music had a paid version of watercress FM Pro. The book is divided into single and online seat selection and electricity providers and businesses, shops are watercress watercress reading works and the author FM Pro is divided into, watercress charges directly to the user.

in addition, watercress at the end of 08, including its own on-line advertising products, display advertising, community and group brand station and DouBan FM audio advertising. The "something" before, almost all advertising creative brand watercress appeared, because of high force watercress users and the community, "watercress advertising, as Sen female small clear literary young woman street with a smile like micro-blog ads, distribute leaflets, the combination of urban and rural high careless about dressing mother secretly ask you: big brother to dish…" Can be regarded as good advertising requirements in the touchstone of social marketing practitioners level.

watercress is a lot of persistence, partial idealization of the Internet Co, he is very "self" is not false, but

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