Ma said that the quality of Chinese cottage products hit the world’s first higher than the real qual

Tencent Francisco June 14th message, according to foreign reports, the Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors, co-founder Ma Yun on Tuesday at the company’s annual general meeting said that China made copycat products now better than genuine, the company is trying to eradicate the China largest online shopping service in copycat products.


Ma Yun said that the global brand has long been dependent on China and other low-cost manufacturing market to enhance their profit margins. But these manufacturing plants have become more sophisticated over the years and are now starting to use the Internet, including the Alibaba platform, to sell their products directly to consumers. He also said that in the fight against the sale of counterfeit goods, Alibaba group is currently doing the best in the world.

"the problem is that today’s cottage products have better quality, better prices than genuine," Ma said. He said: it is not a cottage products, but a new business model to destroy genuine. They are produced by the same factory using the same raw materials, but they do use genuine brands."

failed to clean up its image, may hinder overseas businesses and consumers trust Alibaba group. Ma Yun hopes to allow more than half of the company’s revenue from overseas markets in the next ten years, the slowdown in China’s economic growth makes the expectations of the Ma Yun become more urgent.

Alibaba group announced in April 13th this year to join the international anti fake Alliance (IACC), becoming the first newly established ordinary members. But just 1 months later, the international anti fake alliance published an open letter announced that under a series of well-known brands of discontent and pressure, will suspend the membership of the Alibaba group.

Ma said on Tuesday, we are willing to cooperate with Brand Company." He added that Alibaba group currently has about 2000 employees currently specializing in the fight against cottage products. "We can’t solve this problem one hundred percent, because it’s against human instinct. But we can solve this problem better than any other government, organization, or anyone in the world."

Alibaba group had previously defended the international anti fake alliance hundreds of members, said the company has data and technology, and is willing to assist in the fight against its network market cottage products. The company has Chinese assist law enforcement agencies in 2015, destroyed 46 dens and arrested more than 300 counterfeiters, and confiscated $125 million worth of copycat products.


Alibaba Group expects this year’s online shopping users will reach 423 million people, most of whom come from Tmall mall and Taobao. The company’s goal is to have 2 billion users in 2036; total merchandise trade (GMV) doubled in fiscal year 2020 to $6 trillion ($911 billion)

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