The chef cooking meal called the door O2O daily orders has reached 300


] April 28th news billion state power network, home cooking rice cook O2O enterprise CEO Zhang Zhijian told billion state power network, since cooking the meal on the line for 5 months, orders have reached a daily average of 300 single, in the first echelon of the industry.

Zhang Zhijian said, cooking rice model is cooperation with on-the-job chef, chef docking platform and users, good service and chef user control. In addition to health certificates, cooks and other necessary on-the-job access threshold management, cooking rice in various stages before and after the cook settled platform, will be the chef training. "The chef cooking meal platform for more than 30 years old, generally have 10 years of experience in the cook. Male accounted for 90%, occupational characteristics are obvious, less introverted." Zhang Zhijian said that the group of occupation characteristics of such training meal plus burn control, can achieve the quality of service guarantee.

CEO and Zhang Zhijian

to cook dinner

on business, Zhang Zhijian told billion state power network, it is important to select the right direction, choose the blue ocean, "that is not mature, you can do in the first echelon of the industry."

addition, Zhang Zhijian concluded, you also include supporting magic burning attaches great importance to the cash flow, and improve the customer lifetime value, namely the new users in the number of repeat purchase, only the number of high enterprises can cover the cost of acquiring new users, users of the life cycle is positive.

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