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Abstract: difficulty in Europe and the United States, Europe and the United States more cautious electricity supplier." Chen ou know, not because the makeup brand relatively smooth and easy to do the outsourcing of the road and sea.

February 6th, after’s global brand South Korea bank dinner, the United States CEO Chen Ou mood was relaxed, I feel the Korean brand of the United States respect." He smiled at the financial world magazine said. His face because drinking sake flushed. Just now, he took the co-founder and vice president of product Dai amamori, senior vice president Liu Huipu several United States executives get table of toast, a total of 25 tables, more than and 60 brands, each table they do a cup of wine. South Korea is a human capital of the country, where the ability to look at the interests but also heavy feelings. This is a glass of wine after drinking, Chen ou think, "Korean cosmetics brand, the United States in the Chinese market can dominate the world."

in early 2013, the United States began to expand cross-border electricity supplier business, the company’s main along with the gradual transfer of cross-border electricity supplier brand cooperation. In order to open the Korean cosmetics brands in the situation, the United States executives continue to travel, in between China and South Korea at the beginning, they do not know what kind of method is effective, "go countless detours, not method." Liu Huipu said.

The most important problem for

is that I don’t know what the user wants. "There is a huge gap between overseas and Chinese users," said Liu Huipu, who has handed over a lot of tuition fees for nearly a year of testing. But with the United States and the United States continue to bring their own feedback to the brand, it gradually won their trust. In order to further enhance the feelings, there is a period of time, Liu Huipu said that he and the South Korean brands to drink acid reflux can only sit and sleep. Chen ou think Liu Huipu’s argument is too exaggerated, but this trip to Korea, he found that the fact is true.

cosmetics industry, has been a highly questioned the industry, we can only strengthen the relationship between the brand and the brand, get the goods directly from the brand, and continue to pass this information to consumers. All we can do is."

Chen ou said.

questioned from the outside, sometimes frustrating. Since the 2012 launch of the "I speak for myself," the ad, the young CEO was under great pressure, and in May 16, 2014 after the listing of the company, the pressure to further increase. Especially in the "lucky sunny selling" event, because in many commercial brands involved in Taichung as typical, stock prices fell sharply, the market value of the listed at $3 billion, down to half, now began to slowly rise to $1 billion 800 million. In order to rebuild the reputation, to ensure the quality of products, the United States arm to survive, were cut – style luxury guagu healing treatment platform business, which also affected the United States profits.

"the pressure is really great." Chen ou frank. In the past 3 days, I

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