Through the service to the site value rise

1 the essence of all e-commerce activities is service


service can "pull" customer service through, also make the enterprise benefit, the service is to allow customers to online merchants and "win-win" strategy, but it is not all services, in fact is the essence of any business services. In modern e-commerce, service is the whole process of business activities. The work of every link of e-commerce is the ultimate goal to provide customers with satisfactory service, and thus make the enterprise profit. In the case of the IT market, if the in-depth analysis can understand the market form, any hardware products from the beginning of the design, it has included "service" the purpose of products on the inside, the end user does not have practical value can not be sold. In order to make the hardware more fully play its due role, there are a variety of software products to provide a more complex". The concept of product has so far not only include the matter "atoms", also includes the digital "bits", but they are the existence of a service based on the purpose. With the deepening of the application, the user of the complex system, the trouble has increased, which also needs to be able to solve these problems specifically advisory services and customer service service. At this point the manufacturers put the trouble to pay for the labor to be packaged into a service goods, in addition to profit, but also touched the essence of service: service is also a commodity. The commercial service, is the human social production activities of the higher level of development, it shows that the service has not only an auxiliary link in production and sales of tangible products, but through the essence of all business activities, is a social economic activity to reflect the deep development. Especially in e-commerce, a large number of content is the transmission of information. When the site is completed, the business is to consider the important issue is to establish a service to win the strategic thinking, to seriously study what service commitment, how to improve the service form or content.

2 service price

in the era of e-commerce we ought to recognize the service, the service itself is a commodity, or even an industry, but the price tag, can be bundled as a product to sell. Usually in business activities, we are accustomed to the tangible goods (including hardware and software) and intangible services to separate understanding, or just to serve as a subsidiary of tangible goods sales. In fact, any type of vendor regardless of what the main commodity, the purpose is nothing more than to provide users with services. In this sense, there is only one class of vendors, that is, service providers. Even General Motors (GM), are in the service of mining profits. For example, they developed a vehicle software for long distance drivers, providing information about the location of the nearest hotel or restaurant, and a $30 service charge per month. If you know that GM makes $100 per car, you’ll see which is more valuable. There is also a very vivid image of the importance of the service can be proved: the United States in the western gold rush of the era of real wealth is not gold digger, >

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