Wanda electricity supplier in the new progress in the WF portal implanted mobile advertising


] December 9th news billion state power network, Baidu, Wanda, Tencent three Godfather Wanda electricity supplier has a new action. Billion state power network that is currently trying to borrow Wanda electricity line WIFI landing entrance recruiting advertisers, looking for profit mode based on mobile internet.

it is understood that the specific WIFI Wanda Plaza show the form of advertising for users to connect WIFI, enter the WAN ibusiness login page from WIFI connection to jump to the general "process, there is a 10 seconds of pause time, mobile advertising Wanda was the main period based on. At present, the advertisement position includes 3 carousel focus map.


Wanda WIFI advertising interface based on

an advertising agency to disclose billion state power network, currently Wanda Plaza WiFi advertising main operators for the Wanda Group’s China Times "Wanda space operations center, which is the main line of Wanda Plaza advertising operators. At present, the main form of Wanda WiFi advertising charges for CPM (per thousand show costs).

According to the

space to the Wanda advertising agency to provide the data, in 2014, Wanda Plaza, annual passenger traffic will reach 1 billion 500 million passengers, currently 104 Wanda Plaza all laid WIFI, Wanda Plaza, WIFI landing page browsing the daily volume of up to 4 million 270 thousand, among them, the successful landing page views per day up to 1 million 420 thousand.

Since Wanda

involved in the electricity supplier, its development process has been more bumpy, the outside world of its executives to replace the concerns far more than the concerns of its electricity supplier products. In August this year, Wanda, Tencent, Baidu three giants jointly announced $5 billion to set up electricity supplier group, once again let go to the Wanda electricity supplier in the teeth of the storm.

but the powerful background does not seem to change outside of Wanda electricity supplier "look bad" point of view, insiders joked: "a father business failure, and another two have electricity supplier failed father, three failed father = a successful father


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