Boao forum focused on the development of e commerce into the focus of the nternet

in April 17-19, Boao forum for Asia in 2009, around the theme of "economic crisis and Asia: challenges and prospects", Deputy Minister of industry and information technology Xi Guohua in the "Internet innovation driven economic reform forum said in response to the financial crisis, the Internet can play a great role in the financial crisis.

In this forum,

announced a few data, respectively, the number of Chinese Internet users has reached 316 million, the size of China’s e-commerce in reached 3 trillion, an increase of 14.7%". From these simple figures, we can see the strong momentum of the development of the domestic internet. Especially the market expansion of domestic e-commerce in the financial crisis, let a person blow eye. In particular, the State Council 4 trillion yuan investment plan released to support the development of e-commerce and other characteristics of the modern service industry is becoming one of the new direction of government at all levels of concern!

it is not difficult to see the rapid development of e-commerce in the past ten years, is one of the important growth point of the national economy. In 2008, the economy suffered a severe winter, the Internet has become the fastest growing industry, e-commerce took the lead in a rebound, to maintain a good momentum of development.

look at the e-commerce industry, the world’s major Internet giants compete to seize the market. According to Taiwan media reports, Sina president and CEO Cao Guowei recently said in Taiwan, e-commerce will be the trend of the Internet, sina will be the next 10 years to develop e-commerce as the goal. The day before a high-profile conference, Google also announced that the next three years goal for the development of 10000 into the field of electronic commerce in the small and medium enterprises to enter, close to the domestic consumer, hopes to electronic commerce. The area of e-commerce in the future, the Internet will be the most delicious cake.

in the Internet giants compete to seize the occasion of the domestic e-commerce market, there is no lack of competitive Internet rookie join the battle circle, the formation of a healthy competitive momentum, and constantly promote the development of domestic e-commerce. More and more companies want to tap the prospects of e-commerce, the overall competition on the business line will be intensified.

( B2B) is a hundred responses to a single call professional supply and demand throughout the country’s biggest search engine in one year and two months, quickly built the shop channel agent system, according to the latest iResearch 2009 China commercial search industry development report data show that in 2008, revenue exceeded 120 million a hundred responses to a single call channel market, the rapid growth of 100% monthly sales amount. More than and 300 agents composed of powerful agents sales network all over the country two, three city market. 2009 is expected to reach 360 million yuan market sales to B2B search industry circles a hundred responses to a single call the absolute leading position has been established.

recently made a hundred responses to a single call of a large platform strategy to upgrade, is committed to opening the world’s leading small and medium-sized enterprise product sales procurement, supply and demand information navigation platform for the new channel, after the upgrade of the platform will be defined as "professional navigation products a hundred responses to a single call". The move aims to consolidate B2>

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