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as the first generation intelligent system XtoX universal station, not only can provide intelligent visualization for the enterprise, we can build large e-commerce sites, but also the integration of the third party system is the best, let the experience from the domain name registration, open space, production sites, access statistics, online reception, online payment and other services to all through the establishment of the XtoX user. The CNZZ platform statistics as the largest third party, high speed, stable, powerful, by the majority of the website’s welcome, so the station XtoX universal CNZZ as a top third party plug-in into XtoX system, integration. In order to explore more detailed cooperation, XtoX founder Ni Zhengdong recently visited CNZZ, and CNZZ President Zhang Zhiqiang, technical director, marketing director of in-depth communication. And a total exchange process, known as the Chinese largest third party statistics system CNZZ future development planning, as well as a new version of the function, the CNZZ team really admire the vision, CNZZ not only provides the most basic statistics, also provides tools for the analysis of the website data, especially the new version of the upcoming series of data mining function that will provide a visual analysis to determine the full range of websites. As is a product development company, cnzz XtoX worth of team learning and many believe that after two, also based on the majority of owners to provide services for manufacturers of continuous efforts, the majority of owners will enjoy more and better products, better their website operation. For in-depth exchanges, XtoX and CNZZ there are more opportunities for more in-depth cooperation, I hope that the two products can find a better fit, strong together, to promote the development of China’s Web site construction.


left: CNZZ, ChangeHope

president Zhang Ni

about CNZZ:

www.cnzz.com is a network technology services company of famous international venture capitalists IDG investment, is a free service provider of Internet traffic statistics Chinese the most influential, analysis focused on the Internet site of various types of professional, authoritative and independent third party data statistics. At the same time, CNZZ has the world’s leading Internet data collection, statistics and mining three technologies, specializing in Internet data monitoring, statistical analysis of technical research, product development and application.

The research and development of all the products of

CNZZ is designed and developed by the internal staff. The R & D team brings together the top architects, program experts, analysts and designers. At present, there are more than 80 active websites every day to provide the traffic statistics service, the daily statistics of more than 2 billion 500 million PV, within a week can cover more than 90% of Internet users. Because there is such a large order of magnitude as a statistical basis, making it quickly won a large number of domestic users of good reputation and loyalty, but also better promote the healthy development of the domestic Internet industry.

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