12 double preheating Jingdong iphone6s bargain 0 yuan grab carefully is a hoax

mushroom billion wisdom news, earlier media reports, when double eleven, one called the "11 Jingdong double preheating, bargain 0 yuan to take iPhone 6S" active links in various WeChat group and the crazy circle of friends. Many users reflect that even cut to 0 yuan, there is no customer service staff to get in touch with. Now 12 double preheating, the same tactics and reproduction, what to what? When users participate in activities, will be displayed in the interface, bargain red and white, the overall color is very similar and Jingdong. The center of the page is a picture of iPhone 6S, the upper left corner is marked by the words of Jingdong JD.com. At the bottom of the page, there is also a Jingdong to operate the clothing brand advertising 1 fold, from the picture and font, in effect, a high degree of simulation of the link to the page. It is difficult to distinguish between users is not really Jingdong.


but if you look carefully you will find some tricky: activities in addition to display mobile phone brands and link parameters, activity time, each person can help cut the price limit, also added a hint: it is recommended that WeChat forwarding or sending friends to help you bargain. "This is not the case in general, and this is obviously a human orientation. A mobile phone dealer said.


and a bargain when you will find this bargain for everyone to help cut the system did not limit the number, click on WeChat can help bargain, also can click on QQ to help bargain, arguably should not have this situation. "Then to the last time bargain 0 yuan, will let you enter a verification code, user participation in this surprise, not at all to the Jingdong to bargain 6S exchange code, and then click the exchange code you may find some real, even from the pop-up page, check online, just know these activities is a liar.


had double eleven, Jingdong customer service personnel after the inquiry did not inform the Jingdong to launch the event, the link content is not true, and alleged violations of the relevant rights and interests of Jingdong and user privacy information.


each mushroom to remind you that "some anonymous businesses are likely to use or disclosure of information users, violations of the privacy, the majority of Internet users and mobile phone users should improve their awareness of privacy protection, beware of" cheap "under cover for frauds, do not rely on hand machine social platform communication" preferential "link.". Now we use the mobile phone WeChat, Alipay and other mobile phone software could bind the bank card, ID card, so should not easily reveal their name, mobile phone number and micro signals and other information to others, but also to prevent the spread of similar suspicious information. Once the face of deception and losses, shall promptly report to the public security department. Billion mushrooms again remind you not to covet >

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