Taobao sellers how to grasp the evaluation of each buyer

evaluation is always one of the important factors of buyers shopping reference, a good evaluation can promote the sales of a product, but also can drive the sales of other products throughout the store. So the evaluation is particularly important, we should let the buyers give our ideal comments, you should also do some comments from the sale link in addition to encourage attention to details, encourage more buyers. The end of a transaction without comment, then the transaction is too wasteful, must let the buyer to give comments after the end of the transaction.

a, description reminder

we can early product description for buyers to instill such information: buyers buy our products, in satisfactory condition, if we can timely praise, so next time when shopping can get some discount, this can let the buyer know that you are an honest and pay much attention to seller, at the same time to buy lay a good foundation for the second time buyers.

two, logistics tracking side to praise

if you can through online buyers want to inform buyers of the waybill number, if the buyer does not online you can through the letter or message to inform the buyer the waybill number, the most important thing is to be attached to buyer after receiving the goods timely praise information.

three, bona fide buyer

must pay attention to the entry point, can not ask the buyers to give us praise immediately, it would be counterproductive, but by brief communication stimulate buyers get the goods after the good timely evaluation, once people have made a comment on the investigation, in a randomly selected group of buyers, nearly 90% of people consider themselves to the conclusion and not just on behalf of their own inner feelings, more important is to guide the buyers to buy better products. So the seller’s good intentions to stimulate, so that buyers immediately feel their comments on behalf of not only their own, there are more people in their own need to guide themselves to the buyer a sense of the protagonist. Such as "should have received the goods, right?" product satisfaction? Is there any damage caused by courier? "

four, preferential induced praise

evaluation should be in the buyer after receipt of goods, a timely request. This requires the seller in the tracking to the buyers sign baby, contact the buyer, do some corresponding commitment to buyers, so that buyers understand his comments can get a discount in the next transaction, so the seller will get not only an expectation in the praise, the potential is another order. Such as "thank you for the support and trust of the store, have you received the goods? I have set up the shop for the VIP, the next time you can enjoy 5% off of the shopping Oh!"

five, active first evaluation

on the success of the transaction, we do not require buyers to give evaluation, then we can from the side to remind buyers "the comment", in this brief communication, active evaluation is the best way. A >

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