0 yuan to promote the cost of store sales doubled

in the promotion of the increasingly expensive unit today, how do we go to make their own store sales, such as 08 years then instantly doubled. Give you a promotion for all Yanmianerqi, hematemesis 400CC report..


clearly see that day in March 12th successfully passed the promotion expenses spending introduced more than 6 thousand actual customer consultation, but the tragedy of what had happened, the number of orders is the same as before, only 18 single!! 0.1% not to consult the conversion rate. How can we spend a lot of promotion costs and what significance? This money really cost? That is what causes, through the above analysis can in fact be rare and promotion of things is still very attractive, at least there are so many people consulted, that entrance is no problem, then the problem is obvious the conversion rate in the recommended, poor customer service consciousness, service consciousness under par, even for unfamiliar products has led to this tragedy.



service is not as or is said to work seriously to the seller hardships import traffic lost, then your customer service staff is also like that? What method can through the daily customer service work play a supervisory role? In fact, through a practical tool for real-time performance "(www.taoex.com/taojixiao) the supervision can be on the daily customer service management, but also can analyze why customers are reluctant to buy their products loss.



by comparing the multi dimension data, through the software synchronization and automatic analysis function so that we can understand the first time the shopkeeper store sales dynamic supervision, customer service work, no longer afraid of customer service is not serious, the era of e-commerce, we rely on the data speak! And we just have to do is put the waste promotion expenses put back the wallet in the software to add several want information, everything under control. Let ‘shock waves to 0 yuan "to promote the more violent, the hardware upgrade is king


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