On the domain name rumors observation and experience

[gossip] with Faye Wong looking at, a life to her unborn baby Oh right now, is the name, the purpose is to register the name of the domain name.Cn. Registered domain name celebrities that have been registered by a It is often seen., but there was no fetal name for the domain name, it is a bit iffy:

[] observation domain is a scarce resource, but scarce to what extent?

4 from domain name after the light at the end of April the domain name business field came the news that the global 4 combination of the domain name will be registered clean, this message immediately let the scarcity of domain name has climbed a day worth. According to the statistics of the pure domain algorithm, the combination of 26 letters and two numbers in Arabia a total of 1296 forms, and the combination of the 3 letters of the 17576 species, including the number of mixed words have 46656 kinds of changes, these simple and easy to remember domain name can never expect, as early as 2000 before the registration is basically clean the. And is about to be registered clean 4 domain name combination, only a total of 4 letters of a total of 456976, enough to see the cost of the domain name merchant investment is not small……

however, domain name is registered out, does not mean that built on the site, but that does not mean it into profit. Is now a lot of real estate has not been sold out on the cover, and the buyers themselves do not live, just days after a higher price to sell. According to NetCraft statistics, as of May 2006, the domain name registration speed is far beyond the site to increase speed: 460 {this.resized=true); this.width=460" resized=" true" > what does that mean? First, there are a large number of registered domain names bubble component (I think the domestic domain name of the city).

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