Double eleven countdown business platform marketing campaign intensified

each reporter Jiang Peifang

tomorrow (November 11th), once a year the "double eleven" online shopping festival will be hit again, subway, bus, elevator, mobile phone push, pop ads, WeChat…… Promotional information with various scripts, and to be in full swing in all weathers on consumers.

compared to previous years, this year’s double eleven whether it is the traditional online or offline enterprises, almost all sectors of the industry involved. Online companies, in addition to Ali + Suning, Tencent + Jingdong two camps, Amazon, shop No. 1 and other major electricity supplier companies absent. For the entity retailers, the rise of "online shopping feast" has become their mustering the strength of "holiday rush".

stimulated with the hustle and bustle of a reminder: China "Internet plus" consumption era has arrived, but behind the fun, slobber war, electricity supplier price war, and criticized the false discount, shoddy consumer trap, is also the social parties repeatedly mentioned, it might also reflect the upgrading of consumption are new challenges.

double eleven battlefield never smoke. With ALI and Suning cross holdings and Tencent shares of the Jingdong, the change pattern of the business platform, let this "double eleven" has become the arena to fight the giant catch.

from the saliva battle, to hold the eleven party, and then to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Jingdong Ali, the eve of the double on the eve of the Jingdong and Ali ‘s’ enemies’ out of the limelight in eleven." Investment advisor in the retail industry researcher Du Yanhong said that this can be classified as a marketing tool, but also achieved the effect of Bo eye.

But the

industry also has a voice that excitement and noise although this to remind people: "China Internet plus" consumption era has arrived, but at the same time China social trend of consumption upgrade, but also to the business out of a new test, which is in the "double eleven" the seven year itch occasion, not only left a gimmick.

electricity supplier group operations


slobber swirling, this year’s "double eleven" war actually clear – group operations, namely "Suning Ali +" VS "+ Jingdong Tencent".

in August this year, Ali and Suning announced the strategy of mutual investment, in the past 3 months, "double eleven" has become a "big test" between the two sides, both sides docking results showing the whole stage. The Jingdong jointly launched Tencent Beijing Teng plan to jointly build a commodity business platform for businesses to provide a set of effective brand building, improve marketing and user experience a complete solution.

Ali said, in 2015 the "double eleven" will appear new ways to achieve seven brand upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, product category upgrade, upgrade, play holiday service upgrades and spread upgrade, so as to "double eleven" into a "global carnival". As Ali ally, Suning, also entered the actively preparing for the state, the morning of November 9th, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong appeared Suning >

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