HC CEO Guo Jiang how to squeeze into the B2B 2 door

is one of the most veteran B2B companies, after spending 11 years successfully landed on the market, after 11 years to achieve Hongkong gem to the Hongkong Stock Exchange listed on the main board of the hc360.com now to stand in a starting point.


for HC CEO Guo Jiang is also true.


transfer application is the Hong Kong Stock Exchange confirmed that Guo Jiang wrote in an email to staff in this way: "these days I haven’t been sleeping well, a strong sense of crisis that I like back in 2006, and the line of life and death!"

behind this B2B industry, Alibaba delisting in Hongkong, although only two years, the market environment seems to be worse, B2C forced, small and medium enterprises, such as the integrity of the industry is facing greater challenges.

Ministry of Commerce has released the China e-commerce report (2013) shows that in 2013, China’s e-commerce transactions exceeded $10 trillion, of which more than 1 trillion and 850 billion yuan of online retail sales. And the question is, accounting for less than 20% online retail market has already taken a large number of well-known enterprises including Alibaba, Jingdong, has more than 80% market share of the enterprise market in the end how much imagination

?The answer is

hc360.com will in future investment and financial transactions.

B2B1.0 is the information and advertising in the B2B2.0 era, is the era of financial transaction plus, HC B2B2.0 is standing at the gate, we pinlelaoming have to squeeze in. After B2B2.0, I retired." Guo Jiang explained.

How far is


embarrassment of the current B2B market from Alibaba business development trajectory is evident.

was one of the largest Alibaba shake Qian Shu B2B business has been Taobao Tmall latecomers. In September this year, a Alibaba in the United States after the listing, the Alibaba for the industry to see more impact in many areas of Internet banking, mobile Internet and O2O, but which started its B2B business and did not give much ink.

B2B is like "fly lying on the glass, the light has no future", this is the HC Network founder Guo Fansheng once said in the B2B industry a tremendous remark.

as a start-up earlier than the Alibaba to enter the B2B, but later the company Alibaba, from 2003 to become the first listed B2B companies, to the 2014 transfer of success, B2B is now the trend is hc360.com unavoidable problem.

in Guo Jiang seems, B2B electronic business platform to information and advertising as the main mode of revenue has suffered 1 ceiling. Information advertising market size B2B this year is about 24 billion yuan, of which about 8 billion yuan of domestic city.

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