The 2014 year gold industry annual growth of 2 trillion yuan electricity supplier King

November 11, 2014, Shanghai, a warehouse full of. (CFP/)

since 2010, China’s e-commerce transactions exceeded 4 trillion, the annual growth rate of around 2 trillion yuan in the growth rate.

real estate industry has almost become the 2014 most suction gold industry, Alibaba rewrite the outcome. Even if Wanda Commercial Real Estate in Hongkong sounded this year first single port city of IPO (about $4 billion fund-raising) bell, also failed to reverse the situation.

According to data from the

Research Center, the first 11 months of 2014, the real estate industry to obtain private investment $9 billion 456 million, M & a capital of $12 billion 930 million, overseas IPO financing $1 billion 211 million, a total of $23 billion 597 million.

11 months before the 2014

, China Internet industry received a total of $3 billion 633 million of private equity investment, venture capital investment of $3 billion 460 million, $7 billion 467 million, overseas mergers and acquisitions of overseas and domestic IPO financing $25 billion 13 million IPO financing $68 million, a total of about $39 billion 641 million, Gold King 2014 year fully deserve.

if subdivided into the next level of classification, in 2014 the king of suction is the Internet industry e-commerce.

e-commerce can take the first place this year, mainly due to the September 2014 Alibaba group in the United States listed, financing $21 billion 767 million, the world’s largest IPO record.

richest man from the electricity supplier

Alibaba followed the pace of the listing, the Hurun Research Institute released in the "2014 Hurun Report", the Ma Yun family wealth to 150 billion yuan ranked first with 145 billion yuan, the Wang Jianlin family wealth ranking second.

in the Forbes 2013 China rich list, Wang Jianlin to the personal wealth of $86 billion, for the first time to become the richest man in china. Good people began to calculate, Wanda Commercial real estate market, can catch up with the difference of 5 billion yuan. Wang Jianlin and MA in the end who is the richest man in China this year,

regardless of who is the richest man, they are two of the most popular figures in the field of e-commerce in China this year. Ma Yun, needless to say, the commercial real estate fortune, represents the traditional business forms of Wang Jianlin, this year for e-commerce investment plus a fire.

August 29, 2014, Wanda, Tencent and Baidu jointly held a press conference in Shenzhen, officially announced the establishment of e-commerce companies in Hongkong. Among them, a total investment of 5 billion yuan, Wanda holdings of $70%, Tencent and Baidu each holding a total of $15%, a total investment of $20 billion within 5 years. Although Teng million to hand over the work will take time, but the big three cross-border e-commerce to do together, still gives unlimited imagination.


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