Gravity to invest in rural electricity providers Ali can do

Alibaba listed after the first round of the big action, 10 billion gravity Nuggets rural electricity supplier. In the past three years, the rural Taobao consumption proportion is gradually increased, the second quarter of 2012 to 7.11% in 2014 9.11% in the first quarter, the online shopping market has a huge growth space, so the question is, how Ali rural electricity, rural electricity supplier in the way of



village became the entrepreneurial inspirational story known Ali will promote Taobao village model

Guangdong sunrise village

Taobao 150 thousand single case, Sha Ji Zhen Dongfengcun annual sales of 800 million yuan, annual turnover of over 6 million successful cases have told us, rural people in Taobao can earn more than pots full bowl and pots full bowl.

October 2014, after the listing of the Alibaba released words, will invest 10 billion of rural electricity supplier market.

from the channel and the cost of calculation, the common attributes of the Taobao village commodity is: the line has been formed around the industrial chain. For example, fresh, must choose the origin of fresh agricultural industry is prosperous, you didn’t sell crabs in Taolin; for example in clothing, if not what must be surrounding the development of special industries in rural areas, you can choose to mail, but this kind of mode, than to have been surrounding prosperous clothing the establishment of rural industry clothing low profits.

so, Ali on rural electricity supplier development path can be roughly like this:

on the "special" areas of the implementation of investment policy

orchard, aquaculture, and other agricultural products with corn rice breeding, cultivation of the concentration of the gathering, we can divide it into a special area for rural areas, such development of Taobao village entrepreneurial mode is most appropriate, but currently has only about products in rural areas, electricity supplier operations, cognition the construction of the logistics and so on are almost zero is still in the waking state, Ali to do? Encourage North drift and South drift were their entrepreneurial venture team?

?The Taobao

big rich propaganda is inevitable, but for the construction of agricultural business team, Ali seems only to the awakening of catalyst indirect encouragement, do publicity agricultural electricity suppliers, is no longer a village collective open a proof, let the mayor to find o to a team shop discount, free for one year for two years to provide some promotion fee settled, preferential policy and so on. As for Ali staff to mobilize the villagers to open the shop, I have begun to do Ma, I believe there are specialty in the countryside there will be the founder of Ali figure.

for the rural entrepreneurial team, Ali needs to give two help: first, operating knowledge, but logistics. Taobao store operations like, in addition to explaining the operation rules of Ali online, do not know the future will not appear like the villagers Taobao forum. So logistics it has not yet introduced a lot of delivery to the door of the country policy, Ali will be >

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