Rural electricity providers are playing partner but he wants to play Commercial Street

[editor’s note] in 2015, the rural electricity supplier B2B platform to do 4 billion, A round to accept the capital as the lead after the investment of $120 million, they expand the business to the 14 provinces. Have to carry out rural service providers in the Jingdong, Ali, Suning and other commercial giants, to 51 in order to break the siege giant network

?In the eyes of the 51 order

Xian net founder Chen, Ali, and other electricity providers giant Jingdong have resorted to "rural partnership" (such as Taobao, Jingdong to help rural areas in the county, the establishment of a partner, responsible for helping local farmers and provide Internet orders, including the last mile, quality assurance, maintenance, service), there are loopholes. Instead of spending huge sums of money to re build a retail system in the countryside (4~6 class city), it is better to carefully analyze the form of the rural market, rational use of local conditions of the Internet more effective.  

51 order network founder Chen Xian

The following is

billion state power network dialogue 51 order network founder, CEO Chen Xian:

rural electricity supplier in the future is not in the village

: now the state power grid electricity supplier giant flagship in the village neighbors to help set up a partner, online shopping village, 51 order

networks as well?

Chen offers: depth of the village level electricity supplier, not our main market. We believe that China’s rural market can be divided into three levels: Village, town, county. Can be done in the developed areas of the town, the county can do in less developed areas.

Chinese after all 6~8 million farmers, they cannot all enter the 1~3 of the city, and they eat in the county town, the commercial street is enough. Rural land intensive, the population gathered in the town and county, while the industry is also moving in the county and town, county and town linked to the urban and rural areas, it has become a commercial center in the countryside.

consumption in rural areas: first, Tmall, Taobao, etc.; second, commercial street. Our goal is commercial street.


billion state power network: Commercial Street consumption patterns is what kind of


Chen Xian: in the countryside, the electric car to meet their traffic problems, early years, young people are riding a motorcycle, electric cars are now how old people can ride. So that the town, the county will become more and more a commercial center. Compared to the United States, it is the commercial center of Downtown, American farmers will open weekend pickup to Downtown shopping, there are WAL-MART, Costco (Costco) chain store, go shopping once a week is enough, this is their habit. We believe that China will not form such a commercial area in a short period of time, relatively high efficiency and has the same function is a small shop on the street.

Commercial Street store has many advantages, such as relatively low cost, do not pay social security, the rent is cheaper, do not need to hire

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