Taobao will become a meteor in the end who hurt Taobao

believes that Taobao customers Tongren years will feel extremely hard, feeling before profit model has become like the chicken ribs, compared to 2010 the fame of the Taobao guest website, this site has many Taobao customers have to face the risk of shutting down, especially some large web sites will be Taobao off as profit tools for Taobao, grassroots webmaster visitors basically is devastating, then only major portals into the Taobao customer attracted industry consolidation? Not necessarily, the author summarizes the key factors below four


A: the competition is intense, the profit is very thin

originally, Taobao customer is to allow businesses and marketers can achieve a win-win model, this model obtained by the introduction of a strong vitality, but also appeared, low entry barriers, disorderly competition problems, such as slimming slimming tea now, this originally belonged to a lot of products, now Taobao, probably at a loss, this is because too many people in this industry, the competition is too fierce, so the normal operation of the profit distribution to the person’s head is not able to maintain Taobao off site! So many people have to give up

so dark!

two: most of the Taobao site is not professional

for Taobao webmaster passengers, many websites are not very professional, is often through the list, the advertisement type recommended for this product, if a large number of similar pages appear on the Internet, it is difficult to let users believe that nature and are willing to spend money to buy, so it is similar to the weight list of Taobao customers the website has to the closing point, according to the relevant data of Internet Information Center statistics, this is similar to a variety of products list website, in the first half of the year has been the closure of tens of thousands, the number is quite amazing


three: the emergence of the station group further erode the profit margins of Taobao customers

when many large websites into Taobao customers, for small owners, there are two ways to make their own can still get a decent profit space, it is less a multi station group, through a series of websites to monopolize a product of long tail key words, so as to realize baichuanhui in the sea is magnificent, but it also requires grassroots webmaster has considerable strength, and can be quite a team of operators, the other is the grassroots path, but this method is difficult as can be imagined so those without innovation Taobao!, in the double squeeze large portal and station group, naturally it is difficult to succeed!

four: Taobao business layer peeling, Taobao customer income is difficult to improve

In fact, Taobao

customers as middlemen for users and businesses, users often become the targets of abuse, become the object of exploitation for businesses, users of abuse, we also can be improved by improving service quality, but the shelf businesses tend to buckle, inexplicably denied Taobao off the results have been achieved, resulting in a some have no income, disguised to the Taobao.

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