Virtual gift business expansion or to save the SNS hope

recently, the one thing about the Internet industry than the United States well-known social networking site Facebook announced second quarter cash flow positive, than previously expected 2010 full 1 years earlier. The lack of a social networking site’s lack of business model has been broken, and Facebook a compelling source of income is the expansion of the virtual gift business.

as one of the first virtual gifts website, after the launch of the business since February 2007 last year, Facebook sold a total of more than about 60000000 copies of virtual gifts, to create a $36 million revenue related, and this year the related revenue is expected to be as high as $75 million, accounted for 13.6% of total revenue in. Although the Facebook spokesman Mark · Hicks (Matt Hicks) said in December last year, the company will put the virtual gifts business as a key development target in the future, but in April this year to start a test for "credits" (credit) of the virtual currency service, has exposed Facebook to further expand the scale of business ambition virtual gifts.

Facebook in the virtual gift market success, let the other could not find profitable direction of the social networking site also began to have high hopes for virtual business gifts. Hi5, MySpace and other social networking sites have launched a similar virtual gift service. In China, after the gifts have been free of happy net, also in August this year, quietly in the free "gifts" and "advanced gift" into a happy currency price of 2 ($2) "birthday gift", and later extended to a single gift price from 1 yuan to 3 yuan for the door the charge for gift area, try to start charging for virtual gifts.

gift DIY

look at the Facebook page, you will find inside the so-called "gift" is actually a birthday cake, champagne, boots like cute graphics, these gifts of $1 in 1, but tailored or special gifts, the price may be as high as $20~30. Thus, this model of profit by selling "nothing at all" is seen as an almost perfect business model. So, in the free economic popular on the Internet seems to have few service can receive the money, but why people are willing to pay for the gift of


"people need gifts." CEO said the European Shenping tage era. He found that in 2008 the download and IVR music downloads, respectively 1/4 and 2/5 ratio for the third party is on demand, "in fact, this is a virtual gift. The human emotional communication needs and tools will always exist, but the form will change." Hicks also said that the main purpose of Facebook’s virtual gift is to provide something valuable, not just a message sent to your friends".

There are a lot of social networking sites after

removes paid gifts

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