Bank electricity supplier had to change the wrong way five points

the electricity supplier bundled bank, banking giants do not want to do the intermediary, but imagination is full, the reality is very skinny; the balance of treasure, banks began to worry; Baidu Baifa launched, banks are still trembling feet to see the world; WeChat to CAITONG, banks are scared down. Just a few months time, with the role of the balance of treasure, Celestica fund jumped first in the industry. The Internet giant to enter all financial, so that banks have what Chuan pillow.

did not want to write the financial piece of the Internet, then looked at several information suddenly feeling uncomfortable, unhappy, Huang and will look at the electricity supplier second three are discussed in this article by the banks, the banks of the sore feet.

providers are pushed into a corner after the bank, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Minsheng Bank and other giants continue to enter the electricity supplier, the die is silent silence, died. Why? You do Huang analysis of bank committed five errors in the electricity supplier.

(1) slow

According to

data show that: the Construction Bank’s good financial business for a year to officially launched; ICBC financial e purchase also need seven months to on-line; Minsheng Bank business for three months after the resignation of chairman, Iran and paralysis. The bank is a rigorous industry, such as the Germans, countless decisions are to build a large amount of data above. There is no doubt that the bank can not escape the fate of the electricity supplier. From the preliminary opinion to the final business bank finalized, Huang is estimated to take a few months to discuss. And from the electronic business platform model, scale, capital, personnel and other needs time to decide, so wait until the real product line, the market environment has become quite strange.

facts tell the bank a lesson: Internet products with bank products are very different, the former is a new creative fast, the latter is stable. In 2013 May, the business of financial e purchase online, June Ali balance of treasure on the line, began to turn the financial sector; then Baidu also officially launched December; not resigned to playing second fiddle, in 2014 January, Tencent WeChat CAITONG at top speed on the line.

three Internet giant product is then able to complete the product research and on-line in a very short time, what is behind him? Because of the time of Internet Co understand the Internet products, the Internet products must be achieved in order to produce an ideal effect in the shortest time.

(2) model diversification

business model is numerous, the rise and fall of business enterprise tells us a default mode: a business platform only has one of the most suitable mode, the bank to enter the electricity business necessarily need to choose an appropriate model, but they do a few support system model,

large and chaotic, business platform operators are also very headache how to operate.

at present, Huang saw them some of the foreign internal news or data, are able to imagine is the basic capital flows rather than shopping flow data, most people understand.


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