Jingdong small programs do not support global cross border electricity purchase burst

"I want to use the Jingdong WeChat shopping, buy some small program mask to try, but not single, which is going on?" is often the Jingdong global purchase consumption Zhang Wei (a pseudonym) found that buying a Jingdong shopping program does not support global purchase of goods.


January 9th morning, WeChat small program as promised. For a time, life services, food, transportation, tourism, electricity providers and other small programs in different fields have on-line. Jingdong shopping as one of the first on-line supplier of small programs, by the attention of many users.

Zhang Wei said to billion state power network, the mobile phone storage space is limited, if he considered a small program with words to delete the corresponding App mobile phone, but if the Jingdong does not support global shopping purchase commodity purchase, Jingdong App apparently have continued to occupy space in the mobile phone.


Jingdong global purchase and delivery of & aftermarket goods are not able to buy

in a small program

billion state power network and then landed Jingdong shopping small procedures, found by the global purchase and provide customer service delivery of goods was unable to buy, some third party merchant shipping overseas direct mail goods also encountered a similar situation.

in this regard, Jingdong official said to billion state power network, cross-border electricity supplier for overseas purchase subject, involving swap and other issues, more complex than domestic business process. Jingdong global purchase is an independent settlement system, currently in the small program can not buy is a normal phenomenon, it is necessary to open up the global purchase of small programs, but also take some time.

up to now, there is no cross-border electronic business platform has released its own small program, but there have been a lot of research on its platform. Mai Lok CEO Ma pointed out that the small program may be an opportunity to reshuffle, it may just be the giant’s own game, compared to the electricity supplier, a small program for the next big hole in the line scene. Apple co-founder Xu Sheng also said that Apple has begun to study a small program, but did not disclose more details.

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