Bi Rujie what is the network brand

with the Internet economy stride forward singing militant songs with the development of electronic commerce, network, brand value through the network or the birth of the brand, more and more enterprises and marketing personnel. In 2009, Chinese online shopping scale of 263 billion yuan, the Ministry of Commerce on 2010 is expected to be 450 billion yuan, the growth rate is amazing, at the same time, the traditional promotion, sales channels in a variety of the pressure of rising costs, reduce the profits of the enterprise space. These provide an opportunity for the rapid growth of the network brand.

so what exactly is the network brand Baidu encyclopedia gives the following two definitions:

the first definition, network brand refers to individuals or groups based on Internet, e-commerce platform, network marketing as a means to establish the distinguishable goods (trademark) or trademark nameplate.

second definition, the network brand refers to the enterprise registered in the general web site domain name and enterprise name trademark together constitute the enterprise brand. Is a kind of intangible assets. Generalized network: " brand refers to an enterprise, individual or organization set up in the network all the good products or services to establish the image of " network is the network brand; brand has two aspects: one is set up by means of the Internet brand, two is the impact of the Internet is the brand on the net. Both of the brand construction and promotion of the way and the focus is different, but the goal is the same, are for the enterprise to create and enhance the overall image.

through the research on domestic network brand, we found that these two definitions are certain one sidedness, although the network brand to the Internet, e-commerce platform for building up the corporate logo, but the system is in addition to a traditional brand of service, the vision and column elements, the most critical is the core that network brand is interactive (direct dialogue and interaction between the consumers and businesses), this interaction includes consumer evaluation on Enterprise (reputation), consumer to business activities by participation.

second, network brand to have a unique personality, the personality and the traditional media to build the brand is different, the network brand image is not superior, but in the neighborhood acquaintances face appeared in front of consumers on the Internet, and enjoy all kinds of entertainment, services, equal and consumers at the same time, but also has its own cultural connotation conform to the trend, in line with the network, the network and the network cultural context. Such as "VANCL" advertisement style popular "VANCL style", not only let the Eslite brand enjoys popular support, but also to bring its brand value, word-of-mouth marketing effect but also can not use the digital measurable.

finally, the network brand to have the promise of advance, first-class service. The Internet as an information explosion, there are huge amounts of information, updated every day, the people’s attention is constantly changing, constantly transfer interest, network brand to follow up this information caused by changes of fashion". For services, do not

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