Shenzhen government to support the rapid development of e commerce

rapid popularization of the Internet to promote e-commerce into the community of all commercial areas of penetration, this force is also driving the local e-commerce experience innovation upheaval. Shenzhen since 2009 to become China e-commerce model city, the city has completed the fundamental strategic change, the Internet and e-commerce has become the support of the government of Shenzhen industry. Shenzhen with its geographical advantages and economic advantages richly endowed by nature created such as Tencent pat, serves network, business network, Feibei international e-commerce companies such as myth, especially in Shenzhen local treasure, after two or three years of rapid development, has become the most influential Shenzhen local news portal, and is vigorously extended to other city.

it is understood that the company is based on the local authority information portal, continuous innovation and development of e-commerce services, the opening of the electronic commerce website of tourism, logistics, decoration, lawyers and other segments of the service industry, at the beginning of 10 to seize the online shopping boom has creatively launched timely seconds kill, group purchase group purchase navigation + e-commerce channels, and service industry e-commerce websites combined to provide multiple services for businesses, has successfully attracted a large number of businessmen to join.

Shenzhen is the capital of Internet innovation, both the Chinese Internet giant Tencent, China’s largest Internet portal download thunder. Some of the new website is released as "engine business opportunities emerge in an endless stream, Tianzhu net, diamond jewelry sales network, the local authority" Aveni "local treasure information portal, mobile phone search platform" easou network ". The Tencent has more than 300 million registered users QQ, instant messaging is the world’s largest Tencent, under the "pat Network" is China second C2C auction website, "search" is the third largest search engine Chinese. Tencent market value of up to HK $300 billion. These are the places that Shenzhen can be proud of.

In Shenzhen

e-commerce enterprise vigorous development, the local treasure proposed to build the national each big city as the center of the local authority information portal chain, comprehensively promote the localization of information service, the Internet information will lead a new round of revolution. Local treasure will be based on the construction of e-commerce platform for the service industry, but also the local treasure localization features and advantages. At present, local treasure in Shenzhen as the base, vigorously promote the country’s major cities, according to the introduction of local treasure 2010 annual performance growth rate will reach 120%.

The development of Shenzhen

e-commerce enterprises rapidly cannot do without support of two in Shenzhen city government, Shenzhen last September formally approved the creation of China’s first e-commerce demonstration city, and have released "Shenzhen Internet industry revitalization and development plan (2009-2015)" and "Shenzhen Internet industry revitalization and development policy", announced a year for 7 years invested 500 million yuan of financial funds, and vigorously support the Internet industry and e-commerce industry development. Shenzhen support policies to attract small and medium-sized enterprises have come to the gold rush, Baidu, Alibaba and other industry predators are met with Shenzhen marriage.

Shenzhen, Nanshan, Futian, Luohu has come out to support the development of Internet policy. >

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