Ali repaying 8 small appliances brand merchandise irregularities forced businesses to upgrade

May 12th morning news, Alibaba announced the repaying part of non compliant business products, small household appliances market operation to the first – hemisphere, Royalstar, triangle 8 commodity category brand is a variety of the whole network repaying the punishment, involving varieties of electric water heater, electric cooker, electric Hot pot etc.. Some of these brands of goods due to quality problems, was banned in Taobao, Tmall, 1688, Ali’s electronic business platform to continue to sell, the rest of the product will also face more stringent sampling.

"sampling" lock repaying target


data show that in the small appliance industry category, the average due to the quality problem of consumer complaints is significantly higher than the value of the Tmall platform, seriously affect the consumer experience.

According to Alibaba

platform commodity management center responsible person, according to the rules, if the brand after two times of sampling were confirmed does not comply with the national mandatory quality standards for the entire network, the platform can lock up. Therefore, after the transfer, a large number of data comparison, the commodity management center to locate the target range and in accordance with the mandatory national standard "mysterious start sampling, the final accurate locking of 8 brands in violation of the above rules and categories, which carry out the whole network repaying.

8 brands are repaying the hemisphere, Royalstar, triangle, Ju, Joe, eddrac Youle state, new model and kitchen seoul. Sales data show that these appliances although the price is not high, but because of life are closely related, sales volume is very alarming, only a single electric kettle, 8 brands in 2015 total sales of more than 70 million yuan a year. "Mysterious sampling results show that these brands of electric kettle, electric cooker, electric Hot pot etc. kitchen appliances are power leakage, short circuit, fire and other hazards, has been all repaying deal.

called on the quality of electricity supplier concerns

poor see hall, rich see the kitchen, the developed countries the average household has nearly 40 varieties of small household appliances, and household appliance city China average ownership less than 10. In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living level of consumption, the demand for household appliances, fine variety is excited, the small appliance industry "spring" came into being, but the whole industry is uneven in quality situation is very serious. Because of the production cost is low, the industry access threshold is low, some manufacturers rely on OEM brand, leasing is also able to maintain their livelihood, failed to effectively monitor their supplier system, and scattered brand sales channels, also lead to quality control risk management.

for this reason, Alibaba decided to start from the small household electrical appliance industry, start net net action plan in accordance with the rules of the platform to carry out monthly sampling, quarterly clean-up. At present, the Alibaba has the relevant information of the delisting of synchronization to the quality supervision department, waiting to cooperate in the next step. Alibaba commodity management center official said, I hope the electricity supplier platform can attach importance to the quality of goods, together with efforts to bring consumers the most safe and secure shopping experience.

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