Balance treasure ranked among the world’s seventh largest fund size of about 500 billion

balance treasure Monetary Fund

The rapid growth of the balance of treasure

not only let the domestic small partners stunned, and its size has begun to occupy an important position in the global fund industry.

Securities Times reporter contrast Morningstar provides the global fund NAV data found that as of the end of February 2014, the balance of the corresponding day hongzeng Li Bao Bao has been among the world’s top ten fund ranks, temporarily ranked seventh, has surpassed the world famous famous fidelity reverse fund fund products.

Morningstar statistics show that as of the end of February 2014, the global fund industry, a total of 5 mutual fund size of more than $100 billion, including two monetary fund, a ETF, an index fund and a bond fund. Among them, the largest asset value of the fund is SPDR Standard & Poor’s 500ETF, net assets of $158 billion 175 million, the fund is the first ETF in the United States, since its establishment in January 1993 has grown by 24488 times. The second is the Pacific total return fund, the fund size of the net assets of $151 billion 622 million, is the world’s largest bond fund, the long-term by the Pacific Investment Management Company founder, known as the "bond king" title and co chief investment officer Bill · gross management. In addition, the size of the net assets of $100 billion to $120 billion between the fund fidelity money market funds, vanguard and vanguard all market index fund money market fund.

it is reported that as of the end of February 2014, the balance of treasure scale of about 500 billion yuan, according to the February 28th 6.145 dollar closing rate calculation, the corresponding size of about $81 billion 367 million, more than the world’s seventh largest fund – Fidelity reverse fund, the net asset value of the fund was $77 billion 243 million, becoming the world’s seventh largest new fund products.

monetary fund size from the top view, the balance of treasure corresponding day hongzeng net asset size Monetary Fund ranked third in the world, behind the fidelity money market funds and money market funds, the two funds in February net assets were $116 billion 365 million and $102 billion 404 million.

in mid November last year, the size of the balance of treasure just over 100 billion yuan, Celestica fund was citing Morningstar data indicated that the balance of treasure 100 billion yuan was the world’s fifty-first monetary fund, just over three months, the ranking has jumped to the third world.

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