The analysis of the user experience of Ji’nan mainstream talent network and its operation suggestion

experience on the user experience:

1, front (home)

based on the talent network, Qilu talent, qianchengwuyou (Ji’nan), Zhaopin (Ji’nan), Xuzhou talent network, Henan talent network, Southern talent network, Tianfu talent network,, front page browsing experience. Specific performance is as follows:

1) except home 51job outside and Qilu talent surfaces are all provided with navigation, navigation and position form is relatively prominent.

2) members of the enterprise landing is generally set on the left. (Xuzhou & Henan Bo nine is arranged in the middle) only ChinaHR set in the right.

3) sites are equipped with tofu block ad.

4) most sites highlight individual registration buttons (job search), and corporate registration buttons (recruitment).

5) home page has a relatively complete search box.

from the point of view of the user experience analysis of the site’s main audience (user segmentation) is:

job seekers and recruiters. Among them:

job seekers can be divided into: college students (initial employment) and job hopping (multiple jobs)

recruiters can also be divided into: rigid recruitment and recruitment of

recruitment and job seekers which is the core of the use of the site’s audience


I personally prefer the user experience of job seekers.

for three reasons:

1) the quality and quantity of the job seekers directly determine the degree of acceptance of the recruiter, in other words, the quality of recruitment services depends on the talent base rather than the enterprise. Whether it is from the use of frequency or quantity of job seekers landing and use the frequency is much greater than the enterprise user.

2) for job seekers to browse the optimization of the job seekers are more likely to create preferences for the site, the formation of loyal users. The recruitment of more attention to the effect of the general employer rarely stop on the home page, but directly into the background login. (intuitive experience without data support)

3) website for job seekers to enter the threshold is higher than the enterprise (the free mode), job seekers to input a large amount of personal information, work experience, (preliminary estimates, the user enters a new recruitment website takes about 40 minutes to complete your resume), for the job request to the idea of a cover letter. The relative recruitment of enterprises is relatively fixed mode, there are full-time staff operations, recruitment positions in the average 4~7, the general need to upload a copy of business license, you can easily handle.

to sum up: I think the user experience from the perspective of the home page should be close to the structure of the process to meet the needs of job seekers.

existing talent network may exist where you can be considered:

1) the page structure is clearly more ambiguous, similar to >

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