The first electricity supplier annual meeting the United States intends to force online buy

reporter Liu Chang

morning news yesterday in the first Chinese e-commerce conference, Gome online news spokesman Peng Liang said that the integration of "Kuba" and "Gome Gome online mall" resources, the future will focus on promoting the infant industry, culture and arts, health industry, and force the "group purchase" and other fields.

as early as 2002, Gome set up the Ministry of Commerce and the introduction of online shopping mall, by the end of 2005 the United States B2C business sales amounted to 406 million yuan, accounting for Gome’s total sales of $1%. Last December 4th, Gome online opening, Gome "double brand + dual mode" strategy was officially launched at the end of January this year, will complete the membership information and data sharing, to achieve full integration of the two platforms. Peng Liang pointed out that the future of the United States will adopt the line of common development strategy, in order to fully satisfy customer demand will focus on online shopping; promote the maternal and infant industry, culture and arts, health industry and other new industries, through domestic and international giants cooperation, with both advantages of resources, to create a unique advantage of the United States online category and inject more fresh strength for the electricity supplier industry.

December 30, 2012, the United States to buy online business, the United States and the United States formally launched, the commodity category covering home appliances 3C, department stores, entertainment and other physical goods and local life services. Peng Liang believes that the move will be through the combination of traditional retail and group purchase business, Gome electricity supplier’s business model has been further expanded, "Gome group" is the goal of the next 2 to 3 years quickly among the top three industry group purchase.

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