Fresh electricity loss generally become the nouveau riche investment game

has 11 years of business experience, after SF preferred aspiring former CEO Cui Xiaoqi, fresh electricity supplier in the "blue ocean" in front of head – at the beginning of 2016, he wrote "I won’t touch the fresh electricity", "fresh" is everywhere". Earlier, closed down due to funding strand breaks the fruit for the camp, warning the vast majority of enterprises are at a loss of the industry: death is just one step away.


is not a new topic fresh capital market, but since entering 2016, a fresh discussion can be heard without end. Review of fresh electricity supplier in 2015, capital blitz, burn wars, death tide…… The whole market is like a big Hollywood. However, even if the giants still rely on merger Baotuan heating, Xu Jiayin, Liu Chuanzhi and other major V brush face failure, shouting "it’s too crowded, too tired, even someone pushed down, but the fresh electricity supplier in this train, still have a large number of entrepreneurs.

this new blue ocean, is experiencing unprecedented challenges.

giant hit heavily for


fresh electricity supplier in the last one or two years is very hot. Compared with the traditional pattern of fresh, fresh electricity due to a more smooth transmission of information and communication, to avoid the traditional mode of all aspects of the repeated transportation and storage, the loss is reduced, greatly shorten the whole industry chain.

called Chinese fresh electricity supplier under a billion market, in recent years, a lot of brush face with capital market peep, often staged the pack melee. Former head of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng business fresh O2O project Dmall, no BP, no LOGO will get $100 million angel investment; before the fast and easy network co-founder Lin Min, Zou Zhijun and Chen Yong founded the fresh O2O platform "wonderful life", in October 2015 announced the completion of $5 million A round of financing; earlier, former co president of Wang Xin Sohu founded in low-key fresh electricity network, rumors won 300 million injection……

is a very competitive market, the capital campaign never stop. In this context, the major electricity providers as well as traditional giants who naturally will not miss this capital feast. Zaochuan Alibaba at the end of 2014 the level of ten million dollar investment to fruit net, Jingdong on May 2015 to facilitate the combination of SIG, Kai Ming capital of $70 million investment in the orchard every day. In August, the Jingdong to 4 billion 310 million yuan ($680 million) shares Yonghui supermarket, speed O2O layout. As a traditional retail giant Yonghui supermarket, on the road in the layout of fresh electricity have been the forerunner of the position, and the fresh O2O model as the starting point of its transformation. It is worth noting that the Jingdong announced a big investment after the orchard every day, Amazon China emergency announced its "fresh house" officially launched, the first batch of hand five partners, including 21cake, delicious 77, Tahiti, Chinese Dole and Zhangzi island.

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