SSAM join hands with South Korea DREAMPLUS to enter the cross border electricity supplier market

2014-2015, Chinese cross-border electricity entered a period of rapid development, all kinds of cross-border platform raging like a storm facing fierce competition in the domestic market, South Korea, Zhejiang University graduates Mr. Jiang Pengqiu told South Korean science and technology incubator DREAMPLUS venture, founded in Shanghai, for the Agel Ecommerce Ltd, SSAM products (App, application market download), enter the Korean border electricity market.


according to public information, Shanghai, for the Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SSAM company) was founded by the Korean people Mr. Jiang Pengqiu, PreA round by the Korea Science and technology incubator DREAMPLUS investment, the board of directors composed of both sides, the two sides reached a consensus on and development of cross-border electricity supplier, the future will integrate the advantages of resources, to jointly develop the South Korea fashion consumer platform, provide all Korean fashion information, shopping platform for consumers to cover Chinese, beauty cosmetics, fashion industry etc..

DREAMPLUS is one of the ten business groups in Korea Hanwha group’s technology start-ups accelerator, Hanwha group is a global Fortune 500 company, DREAMPLUS’s investment China electricity supplier industry, is the value of the huge domestic consumer market, and the consumer China to South Korea’s cultural pursuit, this will be conducive to the sustainable development of SSAM company.

SSAM was founded in December 2015, headquartered in Shanghai, currently in Seoul, South Korea, China has a branch in Beijing, a total of more than 100 employees. SSAM member of the company has 1/5 employees in South Korea, responsible for the supply chain integration and related operations. Management is no lack of BAT company origin CTO, as well as the Internet industry veteran professionals, the average age 90, entrepreneurial enthusiasm high.

it is reported that the two sides began to contact in August 2015, on the relevant matters of cooperation conducted a number of discussions. After in-depth exchanges, and ultimately reached a cooperation agreement. The future of the two sides will make full use of DREAMPLUS in the Korean market culture, investment, logistics, electricity providers in areas such as commercial network resources, combined with SSAM in the Internet industry experience and technology advantages, to create a new model of cross-border electricity supplier in China and South Korea, the main Korean quality and fashion, leading the Chinese Internet industry consumption upgrade.

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