The new change of Taobao SAC open but reflects the relationship between government and enterprises Beijing

January 28th Reuters new media ("China network in reporter Huang Xiao Liu Shuo) Taobao and SAIC since 27 day" slobber battle "to upgrade again, as the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued half network trading commodities directional monitoring results in 2014 next, officer Fang Weibo in January 28th three pm issued a statement, decided the State Administration for Industry and commerce to the formal complaints network regulatory Secretary Liu Hongliang" in the process of the supervision procedure of misconduct, emotional behavior of law enforcement.".

results of a monitoring of the "saliva battle"

23, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced in the second half of 2014, the results of the network transaction commodity monitoring results, from the monitoring results of the shopping site, the number of samples for Taobao is 51, genuine rate of 37.25%. While the other three B2C platform, the number of Jingdong mall, Tmall, shop No. 1, respectively, the number of samples, the 7 and the 10, genuine rates were 90%, 85.71% and 80%.

However, the

data of this group has attracted a great disturbance, 27 on official micro-blog released a "80 operation small voice – director Liu Hongliang: are you breaking up, don’t blow whistle!", the monitoring results of strong response to administration of industry and commerce. The article says, "we accept the same as God, but we do not understand is that repeated sampling and reporting, different standards and the same logic as god." At the same time, citing the order of the General Administration of industry and Commerce Order No. sixty-first, the circulation of commodity quality inspection method, the seventeenth provisions, that its sampling procedures violations".

According to

, SAIC spokesman said to Chang on the evening of 27, is the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the statutory duty to strengthen the network of market regulation, the regulatory network of commodity trading company has been adhering to the principle of administration according to law to carry out network market supervision and law enforcement work. He also mentioned that the network transaction oriented commodity monitoring is an important way to assess market risk, warning illegal business.

28, both "slobber battle" upgrade "across empty propaganda" into the second round. Morning, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce discloses 2014 "on administrative guidance work of the Alibaba’s white paper", pointed out that there are five outstanding problems Ali network trading platform: the main access is not strict, information on the goods review ineffective and sale management, credit evaluation, flawed internal staff lax control.

in the afternoon, the official Taobao micro-blog to delete "small voice" article, issued an official statement said: according to Liu Hongliang, in the process of the supervision procedure, law enforcement misconduct emotional behavior, an objective conclusion is obtained by using the wrong way, Taobao and caused very serious negative impact on China’s e-commerce practitioners the State Administration for Industry and commerce, we decided to make a formal complaint.

to the regulatory authorities "challenge", enterprises increasingly bold


in fact, so publicly destabilize the regulatory authorities, and not only a company of Alibaba. In recent years, more and more

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