How do earn 150 yuan through a P

I do is a single page site, the main keywords ranked fifth Baidu, Baidu came from a day ago, a IP, yesterday received a commission of $150. The total amount of the transaction is more than and 300, since my commission rate is up to fifty percent, so the commission can reach $150. I’ll tell you what I did.

a lot of people in the selection of products, often are looking at the proportion of commission is how much. This often fails. I look for the product when it is mainly to see the transaction, and then look at its commission. Because I do the rebate network, so I have a better understanding of what the user needs products, those products selling. At that time, I chose a record, and the Commission is also very high. If you do not have a record of the site, you can go through some shopping forums to understand the user’s habits, which is very important, can be said to be the first step of success.

followed by the election process, I used the emlog blog, do a single page. Because my programming technology is not very good, so the page is very rough. But each layout is very careful to do, and others are not the same. For example, I will add some related articles, some even write their own to do so, not only the customer friendly to you, even Baidu is also friendly to you. This may be the reason why I can get fifth place on a single page in the next two weeks. I think the most important thing is to do, rather than blindly pursue high commission.

then two weeks in this time what I do? And you send outside the chain! This time I passed a soft text in A5, topic is about: webmaster want to learn to make yourself feel distressed, because of rising reproduced quantity, the chain has soared, ranked by some more or less influence, this is probably is the great function of soft. In addition to the text, I also know that by Baidu, Baidu and Baidu Post Bar, closely related products made outside the chain, the main keywords I row to Baidu before five. In SEO I do not really understand, people think the chain soft and Baidu products on the value is relatively large.


had a rank, in addition to the traffic, I was basically ignored, in addition to the optimization of the page, the article I also very little hair, every day is about 1 IP, but the conversion rate of IP was 100%, but I realize now the power conversion rate. And this came from Baidu IP impressed me, the next day I brought 150 yuan of income. This is what we say the role of the conversion rate, I think as long as the choice depends on keywords. Like breast products where to buy such a word, the conversion rate must be very high.

single page profit I am just groping, I hope the master can share more valuable articles. This article from Guigang first net, reproduced please keep.

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