Taobao punish unscrupulous businessmen anonymous harassment closed shop and punishment


technology news January 19th morning news, according to the 1 Taobao bad triggered hundreds of telephone harassment., the relevant responsible person said, the harassment has disturbed the normal order of life of buyers and Taobao, so to give the seller violate moral punishment, and according to the principle of the fight against fake shop closed shop deal.

this matter from a law firm in Beijing lawyer Yu Guofu a shopping experience. He bought a Taobao watch in the double crown shop "orange watches discount", due to serious delay and delivery businesses selling products as goods, to give the seller the poor, then the seller attracted hundreds of telephone harassment and threats.

Figure said Taobao after verification, buyers harassment case, is connected with a plurality of paragraph text messages and phone calls, the contents are clearly pointed out that "change bad for praise, such acts of harassment, has seriously interfered with buyers life, and the interference order of normal, so Taobao according to the rules given" contrary to the moral level of punishment ".

in addition, Taobao also verify the seller store selling products are fake watches, the seller can not prove its formal proof of purchase channels under the condition of uphold the principle of treatment to combat fake closed shop.

said Taobao, Taobao has become the most recognized sellers shared norms, integrity management, "for a long time, Taobao for fried letter and buyers and other malicious harassment behavior has been hated, once discovered severely punished."

, according to Taobao introduced, as an important measure of Taobao 2010 years of consumers, Taobao’s online shopping security plan formally launched on January 15th. In the case of online shopping information transparency, the seller is only more integrity, more sense of responsibility, improve service quality, in order to win consumers."

Ma Yunchi, Professor of sociology at Shenzhen University, believes that the establishment of a good faith mechanism is a long-term process. From the development of the past few years, the integrity of online shopping system is gradually improving.

"however, for buyers, should be aware of the virtual shopping is based on the traditional consumption mode, not completely satisfied with the consumer, some bad businesses do not represent the goods quality is not good; but for sellers, real purchase behavior or based on quality of service, to form a good reputation. No deformity in pursuit of favorable rate." Ma Yunchi said.

from the beginning of 2003, Taobao advocates in the country to the mutual evaluation based on the integrity mechanism". Taobao members after the transaction is successful, you can conduct a credit rating of the transaction object. More than 6 years, which has become the basic framework of the online shopping market credit system construction. But with the explosive growth of the China online shopping system, exposed some problems, Taobao’s credit evaluation system has been improved.

, according to reports, since the second half of last year, Taobao implemented a combination of cumulative evaluation and satisfaction score, satisfaction scoring items are divided into the seller’s goods and physical description of the phase

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