Music and Tmall will cooperate in the field of electricity providers digital marketing

news April 13th, LETV announced that yesterday evening, the related parties of the company as the holding (Beijing) Limited yesterday with Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd. signed a "memorandum of strategic cooperation, the two sides will carry out the depth of strategic cooperation in electricity, digital marketing, channel marketing and other fields.


according to the announcement, the strategic cooperation between the two sides mainly includes the following four parts:

1, Tmall will ensure that music as part of the product category to participate in the activities of eligibility. The music will also give priority to the protection of the intelligent terminal products in the Tmall platform, distribution and sale, give priority to provide full stocking of new products.

2, Tmall will ensure that music as a large market to participate in joint marketing, market conferences and cross sectoral joint marketing activities such as brand marketing and promotional resources and qualifications.

3, as the music will actively participate in the supply chain optimization Tmall business areas (such as rookie logistics, etc.).

4, the two sides will be in the digital marketing aspects of the depth of cooperation, for LETV new products, Tmall can provide customers a variety of marketing channel resources including Tmall supermarket, rookie logistics platform to target customer groups on the trial product, and the subsequent effect of tracking and optimization through data analysis.

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