Lactation mother nets sell excess breast milk packaging bag standard date of production

some sellers will breast milk with a mold made of soap, the price varies from several dollars.

seller on the website of the bagged breast milk, also marked with the production date and time.

recently, the Beijing morning news reporter found that some of the mothers in the sale of milk on the Internet to sell their own baby drinking milk, and some sold in the milk bag, as well as the use of mold made of breast milk soap. Municipal Food and Drug Administration and Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital responded that the sale of breast milk has not been tested, there are security risks, it is recommended not to believe in buying.

phenomenon claiming breast milk online sale of more than

Beijing morning news reporter on the Internet to see, there is a young mother on the social platform to seek where Beijing can receive breast milk. One mother said, has been very adequate own milk, the baby beside her this "cow" don’t worry, so I hope to donate surplus frozen milk. Then the reporter search found that the sale of breast milk There are plenty of people who are. Input "sell breast milk" keyword in the secondary trading site, you can search to dozens of information, frozen breast milk price more than in the 20 to 35 yuan a bag, each bag is 150 to 200 ml, in addition, also sells homemade breast milk soap, prices ranging from tens of dollars. Most sellers claiming to be just babies mothers, the indicators of good health, the baby is healthy. Because of too much milk to sell online, also can give a child to earn money will suck the diaper, disinfection appliances every day. Some sellers stressed, because in the same area express time may be longer, the city seeking suggestions. "Breast milk is only available to the baby, please bypass men!". Reporters saw, there are some buyers in the online message counseling, there are children who are in urgent need of breast milk, hoping to contact the purchase as soon as possible.

case mother to go to work to buy breast milk for children

reporter with one of the sale of breast milk mom made contact, exchange of other sources, because they can more than 1200 ml of milk a day, home baby eat, are put in the refrigerator, so from the beginning of last July to sell frozen milk, the price of 40 yuan a bag, bag weight about 400 ml. "Milk bags are my own online shopping, two dollars a bag. About five people buy me a month, including some long-term buyers. There is a child to drink milk from a young age, do not drink milk powder, but the mother had no time to go to work, their home on a regular basis to buy milk from me." The mother admitted to reporters, so far there is no purchaser asked her to produce relevant security documents. My family has been eating so long no problem, I have to give something to the child weaned, and there is no need to get up in the middle of the night often milking, earn money to earn this money."

experts to buy the risk of security is difficult to identify


has a lot of friends to buy, but some of the shortage of milk mother also expressed concern. "Breast milk nutritional value is far higher than milk, but did not dare to buy, because you do not know how the person’s body, whether there are infectious diseases, cannot guarantee is absolutely.

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