Online shopping luxury embarrassment Express refused to accept a single insurance can not cover


consumer embarrassment

express company refused to accept a single luxury insurance can not cover

now buy a car online is not new, online shopping luxury has become a popular choice for many consumers. But many consumers complain that the value of several million yuan a package delivery company refused to watch orders, but not insured goods damaged repeatedly delays, lost tens of thousands of dollars of luxury goods awarded only hundreds of yuan, frequently eat yabakui.

has many courier companies said very helpless " ", many consumers are not accustomed to be insured, but because of cost and risk factors, the company also had insured shipment of the highest price.

on the other hand, and express logistics related insurance business is still in its infancy, on the Guangzhou market, only a handful of property companies have related businesses.

text / reporter Suo Dongdong Zhou Hui

yesterday a 3 years engaged in professional purchasing luxury Taobao sellers told reporters that since his own Taobao, occasionally meet buyers asked him, "my Hermes express safe?" "courier will switch, how to do in case of lost?" even buyers to be safe with him in the city will choose trading.

for the safety problem of express luxury, although many courier companies launched the insured safety, but the seller said, no buyers, buyers are most afraid of payment of goods, but few customers will choose the price, because the logistics need to pay part of the cost price to one hundred thousand yuan, the bag as an example. One percent the insurance fee is 1000 yuan, the cost is not low, so few people will be insured.

and the reporter log on a number of luxury electric providers website that has electricity supplier website in order to ensure customer safety is inviting users to luxury, pick up, and assume the user round-trip travel and accommodation expenses. Previously there have been reports, live the best hotel, back and forth to play the price of flying is also around 5000 yuan, compared with the courier company’s underwriting costs even cheaper, the user experience is good." A luxury website official said.

These are not insured risk

luxury face is self-evident, the recent frequent burst of "iPhone brick" courier package, lost pieces, and about one hundred thousand of the final product may only be awarded hundreds of yuan.

it is understood that, in order to prevent the emergence of the switch, the courier company bump and other issues, to ensure the safety and speed of delivery, some luxury goods business not only to buy insurance, but also in the storage of goods one by one when the anti-counterfeit labels affixed. In order to do the last mile of service, e-commerce companies are starting to build their own logistics channels.

yesterday, the reporter interviewed a number of people in the industry, the industry is currently facing the problem is that valuable items express public

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