Taohuawu mall in Shanghai are diffuse to provide users with better products international

Beijing Taohuawu science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in innovative Adult supplies e-commerce join and distribution, Shanghai Miao diffuse International Trade Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in Adult supplies development, design and sales of integrated services company, the Taohuawu Shanghai International Mall success in hand are diffuse, diffuse, become Shanghai the national general agent, is a combination of Adult supplies industry enterprises, will inevitably crash out sparks, provide better products for the majority of users of


Beijing Taohuawu science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, registered capital of 1 million, the flow of funds 10 million, the main business of sex toys and Adult supplies, electricity supplier’s website Taohuawu Mall (www.taohwu.com), the average daily traffic of millions, with a large number of loyal users. The company’s management team are senior staff of electricity supplier in the field, after many years of operation of the successful experience and resources integration, to provide for the majority of entrepreneurs to help young people, let more people know Adult supplies Adult supplies, enjoy the joy of


International Trade Co. Ltd. are diffuse, the main MANMIAO and the brand of love toys, body oil, sexy lingerie, accessories and other kinds of taste Adult supplies, and other domestic and foreign brands of high-quality supplies wholesale trade and customer service service. The technical team has 12 years of rich experience in product design and development, know the shortcomings of China consumer demand with existing products, which are diffuse international launch of the product by the majority of consumers China.

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