Why is it so hard to roll out a domain name

I in September 07 in Chengdu skmax network company (http://s.esdns.cn) a www.ajiandj.cn registered the domain name, then CN is 1 yuan registered.

        at the time of registration also asked the customer service, domain name turn out what conditions do they need to answer at any time, do not need any conditions. So it’s registered. In 08 years, because the domain name is too many and many are not registered in a place, too many administrative addresses. So I want to transfer him to an agent. Then contact their customer service, the other said to renew a year before they can turn, also said to me, because at the time of registration is 1 yuan. They don’t make money, consider this condition, I do not want to renew what a year. 60 yuan, after all, others are not making money. There was no time for them, so they didn’t turn around. In fact, at that time, the domain name CN can be 1 yuan paid to renew. (this is not the specific line, I also did not specifically to verify, because my friend is domain agent, he told me that he now there can also be 1 yuan fee).

some time ago empty, just think of this thing, contact them. They also changed. Previously, the address is http://s.esnt.cn. can not access, play phone nets get their phone, then the phone said website message. Alas, after several twists and turns, and finally find the URL of the website.

in the website customer questions and answers to explain the situation, 5 days have not seen the response, do not know what kind of message settings to use.

once again hit the customer call back, the need for transfer agent in a year to renew. Do not know the renewal of real time in order to turn out? Why is it so hard to turn the


don’t know my friends have something like this? How do you deal with? We look forward to help. Thank you

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