Biography Google will push online stores this year independent sales of Android tablet

Beijing time on March 30th morning news, sources said, Google this year will be through the online store for consumer direct sales of tablet computer, this approach will be similar to apple and amazon. Google hopes to reverse the weak sales of Android Tablet PC with this initiative.

sources said some of the tablets in the online store will use Google’s own brand. But Google will not directly produce tablet PC hardware, production will be carried out by Google partners, such as Samsung Electronics and ASUS. A source said that Google’s sales of a tablet PC may be produced by ASUS.

is not clear about the details of Google’s move, such as when Google plans to launch the online store. Widely expected, Google will launch the next version of the Android system in the middle of the year, codenamed "jelly beans". Google and ASUS declined to comment on the news.

sources said, in order to improve the online store attraction, Google has been given subsidies for the Android tablet computer, so that these products can be with the price of $199 Amazon Kindle Fire competition.

this online store will become a new source of revenue for Google. Google in 2010 when it was for consumers to direct sales of Android smartphones, but the effect is not good, but Google does not seem discouraged. At that time, Google had direct sales by HTC foundry Nexus One, but in a few months later announced that it will no longer continue to sell

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