Jingdong said 6 18 single day turnover of 1 billion industry speculation is actually 240 million

newspaper news (reporter Li Bin) Jingdong, Tmall, suning.com, Dangdang and other teamed up to create the history of the largest electricity supplier on the war ended in June 18th, yesterday, the Jingdong announced the 6· mall; 18 anniversary day record sales, single day turnover of 1 billion 16 million, while rival Tmall only released more than 55 million user login Tmall refused to disclose the day yesterday. Total sales.

June 18th is the anniversary of the Jingdong store, but also competitors such as Tmall mall day siege of Jingdong. Before June 18th, the parties have threatened to buckle down and Jingdong: Tmall Sike 50 million envelopes in the home draw; as a riposte, Jingdong mall took 618 million in cash to consumers.

yesterday, the Jingdong announced the mall, 6· mall Jingdong; 18 anniversary again to refresh the record sales, all day long to create effective 1 million 500 thousand orders, single day turnover of 1 billion 16 million yuan. Among them, the computer for 8 hours sold 30 thousand units, an average of one second sold a; router, U disk and other single product sales all exceeded 100 thousand, average every half second each sold a large double door refrigerator; 1P air conditioning and other single product sales of over million units etc..

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Tmall unpublished sales

and Tmall released data show that yesterday, the amount of sales of Tmall electric city grew 400% over the same day last year, and even more than last year’s double 11 single day trading volume of Tmall electric city. Among them, Tmall announced the sale of 11 tons per hour dumplings, as of June 18th 15:00 less than a day, Tmall has sold more than 150 tons of dumplings, equivalent to the weight of 50 adult elephants,

, however, it is worth mentioning that, Tmall did not announce yesterday’s total sales in a single day, saying that total sales do not make sense, and hinted that Jingdong data may be water.

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data 700 million


Jingdong data was questioned yesterday evening, one of the voices: Jingdong 6· 18 real volume is only a mere $300 million. And because Jingdong 90% orders are cash on delivery, the actual payment rate of only 80%. Excluding these factors, the actual turnover is estimated at about 240 million.

according to figures released by Jingdong, its price per unit of about 677 yuan per month. Former vice president of Jingdong mall Xu Lei said, do not believe the dead".

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Jingdong orders higher price

in this regard, Jingdong Public Relations Department official responded: questioning is pure slander "in June 18th last year the anniversary one-day sales have reached 200 million yuan this year, how could 240 million?" as per the order price 677 yuan, Jingdong said sales of all electric Jingdong pulled a large proportion of the whole.

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