Jingdong to an enemy two war

in recent years, more and more Jingdong mall unfaithful, in order to business turf war, first with the Alibaba trouble or not, Alipay is with the Tencent after the ban, caifutong boundaries, and now to an enemy two, with WeChat and " " " micro-blog " war.


story is that, Jingdong recently issued a notice that the user will not be able to use the Sina store in the Jingdong micro-blog account, Alipay account login. The day before also require employees to disable WeChat, reason is for security reasons. At the same time, Jingdong also announced that micro-blog’s cooperation with sina is coming to an end. This is not suspicious, why the big two Jingdong dare so and put up a pageantry electrical business boundaries, there is a strong financial support behind, or a novelty? This, we can from the Jingdong last year, the acquisition of online banking online to see some clue.

at the end of last year, Jingdong acquired online banking online, a successful payment license. With this payment license, there are aspects of payment, Jingdong can no longer subject to Tencent, exempt from being monitored, the threat of leaking company secrets. In addition, the Jingdong vice president and general manager of open division Kui Ying Chun said: in the future, the Jingdong to pay all of Alipay’s functions, such as integral, envelopes, wallets and "balance of treasure" such products. And informed sources, Jingdong is easy to use the letter is also a temporary move, Jingdong actively developing its own mobile social products". From the various signs show that the Jingdong but revealed his ambition is not small, we can boldly speculate about, perhaps more than Jingdong to kaijiangtuotu electricity supplier in this regard, more like in other aspects of the Internet share.

so, Jingdong this initiative can be a success, to reverse the pattern of the Internet, we look at Taobao’s turnover last year on the clear.

in the last year, Taobao and Tmall have achieved good results, more than one trillion yuan turnover, and the Jingdong is only 60 billion yuan, if with other business platform, 60 billion is good, compared with Taobao’s one trillion, is really far. Ali and Tencent, Jingdong just off is a payment tool, while Ali and Tencent loyal customer base is still there. For Jingdong, less Alipay may lose a lot of customers. So the electricity supplier war, Jingdong may be lost less.

where there are people, there will be war, battle, intensified, ultimately, who is the master? In fact, it seems small, the electricity supplier dependent group is the broad masses of customers, good customer experience, winning a good reputation, than in the electricity supplier in this circle "pinch"

is better!

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