Jingdong stir in the Soviet hegemony maternal electricity supplier revival

Jingdong mall and Kimberly’s curious brand signed a strategic cooperation agreement

the Soviet hegemony is already widely known, but now, the Jingdong is ready to join this car baby chariot, the United States and the Soviet Union launched the battle.

19 news, Jingdong mall and a number of well-known brands reached a strategic cooperation agreement, signed in 2013 sales target, sales of up to 5 billion. With Wyeth, Abbott, Pampers, curiosity, miso five mother brand giants to reach the depth of strategic cooperation.

According to

Techweb, 5 billion of the sales amount of Jingdong mall and mother brand signed to maternal goods covered by the entire product line, the signing of the brand, to reach the depth of strategic cooperation with Pampers, Wyeth, Abbott, curiosity, miso and other 5 maternal top brands, direct supply cooperation has reached ricom, Dumex, Nestle, AVENT, good boy, Newman and other well-known baby brand thinking.

investigate the reasons, the mother of the vast potential of the market can be described as super viscose.

Experian released the February 2013 Chinese B2C website ranking. The flow of suning.com rose 33% compared with January, the flag of the red child mall and bin purchase network traffic compared to January rose 112% and 91% respectively.

more studies have shown that the maternal and child market now accounts for 4.5% of China’s online shopping market, in 2010 the size of the transaction reached 18 billion 600 million in 2011 to reach 32 billion 800 million, while the first half of the trading volume in 2012 has more than 22 billion. 2015, China’s infant market or will reach 2 trillion yuan scale, the major electricity supplier giants have aimed at this market continued investment. So gorgeous data will be under the feudal hegemony situation.

maternal and child market "great leap forward"

after 3C appliances, books, maternal and child market has become the major B2C coveted big cake. As one of the top three killer category, in 2013 ushered in a fierce competition.

January 20th, suning.com and red child announced that this year will be fully open up both maternal and child market, red child in 2013 will achieve the sales target of 3 billion yuan at the end. According to IT business news network, according to the plan, the first maternal and child chain stores will be completed in the first half of 2013, the location of preferred Beijing, Shanghai and other more developed areas of the market. At the same time, the number of children will be expanded to 3000 children. The first line of the first line will be completed in the first half of 2013, the red child chain.

With the completion of

"Gome online integration, we will take a tough stance to become low miracle, maternal and child market top three." Gome group senior vice president, chairman of the United States online Mou Guixian said. Gome online mother and child channel on January 14th formally launched, plans to invest 1 billion yuan, the goal is to enter the maternal and child B2C market in 2013 before the top three.

according to statistics, this year the maternal and child market share of the top six are: Tmall, >

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