Wu Bo electricity supplier is the core of integrity and service innovation can not leave success

ifeng.com Francisco August 23rd message, "2011 China Internet Conference held in Beijing in August 23rd -25, ifeng.com technology as the official portal strategic partners, to the meeting for the entire video and teletext broadcast. In the afternoon of 24 fulcrum "– China Internet and Internet users live forum link, handle network CEO Wu Bo keynote speech, he believes that the core business or integrity and service, the two do not based, all things like a house built on sand, there is no basis for. In addition, he also believes that, in order to win, then leave innovation, is not successful.


handle net CEO Wu wave

is the following statement Wu Bo record:

Wu Bo: Thank you, thank the leadership and colleagues, in the afternoon will listen to my speech, mainly want to initiate the development of the Internet now share with you, and the next few years, especially in view of e-commerce to share with you, this basically is our key, innovation is actually the core of competition. The core is one of the most critical local victory on the Internet, we review the Internet Conference for the past ten years, the development of the Internet industry like this for ten years, you can feel the brand completely, from the original point, now little penetration to every day, every moment we in life, everyone in the open time, are now holding a mobile phone micro-blog, interactive, these companies actually Chinese Internet industry to lay a male The thickness of the base, now at least my personal view is that the Internet is actually China Chinese Internet industry, the Internet industry is the best place, remember the last time when we A round of financing we have a capital injection is European Internet boat, he also made the European version of the letter to him, our investment, he speaks very envious of China environment, he knew what others found in Germany, buy what Amazon knows, now eat told TOM, he also wants us to do better and more successful over the past ten years, generations of Internet entrepreneurs to the size of the entire market. You remember Sina just listed market is almost 1 billion dollars. Now, that is to say, we can see that Baidu’s market capitalisation is $about 44000000000, a few big companies China mutual The ceiling of the networking industry pushed to the next level, now looking for VC investment from the Internet, in Chinese speaking, there are tens of millions of dollars is not much, then think many tens of millions of dollars, is now hundreds of billions of dollars, of course, like Jinsong more, one billion dollars, such a the fundamental reason is to thank, like the first, Sina search, NetEase, the Tencent behind Baidu, Ali, these people, a larger space of the Internet behind these companies to open, to have such a high value to the ceiling so that we can raise more funds, not only in Chinese, in the international scope the internal market >

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