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E-Commerce Association chairman Song Ling

ifeng.com Francisco January 19th morning news, 2011 E China Internet Summit held today, the theme of the conference is "into the network era Chinese economy", ifeng.com technology for this meeting for the entire broadcast.


Electronic Commerce Association chairman Song Ling said in his speech, the electronic commerce Chinese during 11th Five-Year is still in the exploration, but 12th Five-Year is not the same, the traditional enterprises will have added to the electronic commerce army. MS Song Ling also believes that the traditional enterprises in the layout of e-commerce, the need for scientific planning of its development strategy, weaknesses in the development, in order to make the development of the entire e-commerce industry chain sustainable.

following is the full text of Song Ling’s speech:

Song Ling: distinguished leaders, experts, dear friends, we are just the e summit opened the movie opened now, very excited, when statistics report China Internet twenty-seventh development release, I naturally think in the first 13 years of the last century, our CNNIC when released first released the report, recalled that when the scene and now it is not the same. We have Mr. Mao Wei here, at that time from 13 years ago, from the formation, we have to come up with data, you will be because of the development of science, the future of the Internet into Chinese, how the development of network application application? How? In what aspects? Whether development actually there was a lot of controversy?. At that time, when we first released the China Internet Statistics report, we are very excited, and now have twenty-seventh times. Congratulations on the twenty-seventh Chinese statistical report on Internet development in publishing, look at us now released data, application covers all aspects of it, including the first report, and has released 13 years ago that has not compared, has been developing very fast.

just now on the development of e-commerce, the leadership of the Ministry of industry and commerce, the leadership of the Ministry of Commerce, the development of the current e-commerce, they have made a report with the scientific data, speak very well. I will not mention the development of e-commerce in china. When we really see e-commerce development speed China currently ranked first in the world, the development of our e-commerce already accounts for 11% of GDP in our country, many friends, we have is to see its development is the trend, very clear, and its importance is also very clear.

We are still exploring

during 11th Five-Year, but 12th Five-Year is not the same, we can see our nine ministries issued in 12th Five-Year on the development of electronic commerce, has put the development of our country electronic commerce as our strategic emerging industries. Speaking as general secretary Hu Jintao at the 17 plenary session of the fifth of the strategic emerging industries to seize the commanding heights of our 12th Five-Year national release now planning, e-commerce has during 12th Five-Year was included in the strategic emerging industry has been in the commanding heights.

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