Famous brand of network domain name was registered a malicious registration

      recently, Nanchang citizens Ms. Wan Baoliao, an information technology Co., Ltd. Nanchang branch that can help customers to register any English, domain name. Moreover, the general registration are well-known brands, and according to the needs of customers, "tailored" to register any domestic and foreign famous brand is not registered the domain name, as long as the price of 280 yuan / year, and claimed that either investment or resale, have a broad appreciation of space. Registered a network domain name has been advocated for the harvest of a vault, not familiar with the situation, so the reporter asked the reporter, I do not know whether such an investment is so good? Subsequently, the reporter went to the company to understand the situation.

registered the domain name can make money?

according to the report, the reporter came to the company’s location in Nanchang, International Building, Hualong. Nearly 80 square meters of space filled with a desk, it seems more crowded. Reporters is the boss to the domain name registration, Huang reception staff immediately to reporters from the domain name to drum. The other told reporters that a few days ago, the Internet center to the world to open a new suffix for.Cc and.Biz domain name. As long as the registration is successful, in the online input www. so.Cc or so www..Biz domain name, you can enter the registrant’s Web page. Because of the "Internet Center" just open this domain, many brands have not been registered, so to register would have to be fast, now or never! Who registered to the famous domain name, re sold to enterprises, the profit is immeasurable.

is a famous brand of Nanchang Province, beer, Huang, Jin Sheng had been registered by a space, Pavilion of Prince Teng had found the club "". Many people have registered some of the better network domain, such as some large companies, well-known enterprises, etc.. Then the staff reporter to a blackboard, I saw on the blackboard filled with such as Jinggangshan, four, yuetu, Czech, some well-known brands such as Persia. The staff told reporters that these are yet to be famous network of cybersquatting.

reporter learned that the registration of a Chinese Internet domain name 280 yuan a year, the English domain name of $180 a year, up to a maximum of 10 years. Customers can choose according to their own life. Register a domain name is simple, short application time. It is understood that the domestic network domain name from 15 days to one month after the application can have the domain name, international domain name only a few minutes.

reporter said his boss is to open the decoration company, want a better decoration class domain name. The other side immediately recommended to reporters a few more well-known decoration company. Recommended at the same time, he also told reporters play a number of certain network domain was acquired, the Spring Festival "the sunset" just a few minutes to be registered, the domain name registration for tens of thousands of income news video. At the same time, he also took out the registration such as Nanchang beer, gold saint Huang, such as province famous brand domain.

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