51 com won the SNS award to advertisers favorite digital marketing

consists of third kinds of people in the media sponsored the "2009 Awards – Digital Marketing Award", after 4 months of assessment officially announced today, 51.com social networking platform leading from many enterprises "application talent shows itself, the media social network SNS" gold; "community website can be in creative ways of cooperation and changing at the same time put advertising, excellent social website also has a large and clear target user group, which will form a strong impact on traditional media." Cheng Yue, vice president of 51.com, said in an interview.

digital marketing awards prize is ROI for advertising effect evaluation standard awards, sponsored by the third media people third party Nelson and the new generation of data as support, and from the communication group Chinese CEO and advertisers through three objective and impartial and authoritative assessment results. The contest is obtained from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hongkong, and actively support the digital marketing company and a media company in Taiwan, received more than more than and 400 cases, a total of 27 Awards was born.

51.com "case is" new year the first bottle of Coca-Cola to meet you who share? ", activities for friendship, love, affection, love the emotion between teachers and students, colleagues five themes, called friends to discuss actively, lasted 75 days, reaching independence 60255796 views. Through the authority of experts and reviewers, as well as the ROI FESTIVAL dedicated review tool ROI AUDIT, in terms of strategy, insight, creativity, execution, results and other aspects of a comprehensive assessment. After Nelson and the authority of the new generation of third party certification, 51.com eventually won the gold medal award media application class social networking SNS gold award.

"for social networking sites, the economic crisis is more of an opportunity." Cheng Yue, vice president of 51.com, said that compared with the conventional TV advertising, social networking sites advantage is that they provide lower cost media tools, the form can be more abundant, the effect is more obvious. "Whether television broadcast or plane provides advertising services, are one-way, there is no interaction, social network can carry out various activities, catch the eye of users, to attract users to participate in advertising, advertising as the protagonist, this effect is self-evident."

in this case, the advantages of the community network will naturally be highlighted. "In the case of 51.com," said Cheng Yue, 51.com has 140 million registered users, the number of active users in 35 million, the audience is a print media can match, but also a lot of radio and television media can’t arrive. "We have a lot of cases, such as cola, basically concern the user can be tens of millions, to participate in it can easily reach one million. Because of the particularity of the community website, many users of the community web site, and is no longer a news window, mail tool, when the sense of belonging when more and more strong, when the influence of word-of-mouth. "

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