CCTV exposure fake shampoo 8 bottles of online shopping only 3 bottles of genuine

CCTV exposure online shopping platform selling shampoo

@ CCTV news: [fake shampoo or don’t kill!] head itching, chest tightness, rash? Fake shampoo blame! Reporter to buy 8 bottles of shampoo from Jingdong, shop No. 1, Taobao, after only 3 bottles of genuine validation. You know? Fake cleaning products are carcinogenic in the worst chemical raw materials, organ development can affect children, pregnant women can cause miscarriage stillbirth! Remember, call 400 customer service phone can be measured

shampoo authenticity!

@ CCTV news: [suspects: the wholesale market is basically no genuine fake fake shampoo fraud suspect Luo said, there is no genuine wholesale market which basically. Because genuine shampoo a box of almost 500 yuan, as long as a counterfeit box of $100, the reporter learned that the investigation, whether it is a network of business or entity owner, in fact, know that these low daily necessities are fake!

below for the program text record:


to create a high quality of life, welcome to watch the weekly quality report. Shampoo, although it is an indispensable part of our daily necessities, but usually we may rarely pay attention to the quality of shampoo. However, this time in Beijing Xie began to doubt his newly bought a bottle of shampoo, she felt like a little bottle of shampoo is wrong, and the reason why she would have such doubts, because of the recent time washing head, she will appear scalp itching symptoms, which in the end what is going on? The reporter’s investigation.


Beijing Xie recently always feel scalp itching, she said she is now doing most of the action is scratching their heads, while the head of this itching to let her feeling uncomfortable, on tenterhooks.

[the same period] Ms. Xie

is very itchy, itching 24 hours a day, sometimes itch is to sleep will have been scratching, can not sleep. In public places is also very embarrassing, always scratch there, is itching, very itchy.


Xie initially thought his body out what the problem is, but a few days later one of her friends to her home for a few days, there have been the same even scalp itching symptoms, two people found in the simple exchange and after the analysis, they are after a bottle of shampoo Ms. Xie bought, this itching symptoms began to appear, this let Ms. Xie doubt on this bottle of shampoo.

[the same period] Ms. Xie

then since it began to itch, but not my own one, a few days ago I had a friend with me, she runs her this product also itch, so I’m certainly not just a personal problem.


Xie told reporters that this bottle of shampoo she recently bought from the Internet, since the.

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