Last year the takeaway O2O size of nearly billion market echelon differentiation previews


to pick up the phone and find takeaway phone, to open the meal APP, directly under the single payment waiting room. Although a small lunch box or the box, but the user’s habits is detonated a hundreds of billions of market.

May 4th, iResearch released in 2015 China takeaway O2O industry development report. The report shows that in 2014 China’s catering takeaway market size has exceeded 160 billion. Takeaway O2O market has emerged echelon differentiation trend, insiders predict that with the first echelon of the growing, takeaway O2O industry has gradually entered the giant pattern.

first camp platform scale advantages highlight


report said that in 2014 the market size of China’s catering delivery of more than 160 billion, the total food consumption ratio of 5.8%, by 2017, this proportion is expected to reach 9%, the overall size of the market will be more than 300 billion. 2014 Chinese takeaway O2O the total trading volume of 9 billion 510 million yuan, an increase of 125%. However, compared to the overall market size of 160 billion yuan takeaway, takeaway O2O penetration of less than 6%, great potential for development.

report that the takeaway O2O market will maintain a high growth rate, its power mainly comes from the user habit (including online takeaway ordering habits and habits) and catering enterprises to optimize the delivery and delivery service process. Comprehensive takeaway O2O continue to improve the penetration rate and the overall growth of the market, the market is expected, by 2017, takeaway O2O body mass will be more than 40 billion yuan.

report, takeaway O2O market has emerged echelon trend of differentiation, it is still hungry is a leader in the industry, hungry and beauty group takeaway, Amoy little takeaway, Baidu ranked first camp platform is gradually with other competitors, distance, scale advantage is obvious. Analysis of the report believes that these early light mode of operation of the third party takeaway platform has a higher user order and the use of stickiness, scale advantage has gradually formed.

distribution system is still a big room for improvement

There are two main modes of

takeaway O2O platform: the light mode of distribution of goods by the merchants themselves and the model of the distribution services provided by the platform.

will represent the home delicacy mode takeaway O2O, platform in June 2010 officially launched operations, the high-end brands catering businesses in the end position, build online third party platform, self takeaway delivery team online. Public data display, home food will now cover 8 cities across the country, as of January 2015, the size of the line distribution team has more than 2000 people.

United States takeaway is a typical example of the light mode of barbaric expansion. The United States Mission takeaway on January 2014 formally launched, more hungry, and other competitors will come home late, but by virtue of the original resources of the United States mission, as of December 2014, the United States Mission takeaway has been in the country 200>

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