Denise Ho said that from the Taobao disinvestment because of dissatisfaction with the Huang An repor

Denise Ho (Figure)

original title: Li Jiacheng Denise Ho claimed that learning from Taobao "disinvestment"

for the Hongkong singer Denise Ho love in social media "straight from the heart" this thing everyone should not unfamiliar. Prior to this, the artist Huang An report Taiwan singer Crowd Lu independence, she had expressed their dissatisfaction on the. Today, she said on Instagram, to study Li Jiacheng, from the mainland "divestment".


Denise Ho Instagram screenshot

January 19th, Denise Ho Instagram in a document called, decided to follow the example of Li Jiacheng, from the Taobao store full divestment.

Denise Ho issued a document, users Tucao: "just stop killing the baby, where the courage?" "1000 yuan deposit also called divestment? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" (observer network note: Denise Ho Taobao shop margin 1000 yuan)

previously, she also issued a document on the Facebook incident, expressed sympathy for the week, said the Hong Kong and Taiwan artists and entertainment companies are in the Zhou Ziyu".

Denise Ho Facebook screenshot

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