A secret Jingdong electricity supplier of the martial arts master

Jingdong recently released their 6.18 carnival, but on an unprecedented scale, attracted much attention, and now have a competitive business market, is really not much, but no more than the bright younger generation though, as the climate, a veteran of the business in decline, while the Jingdong and Taobao is in the business model, so the development of Jingdong in recent years so quickly, what is the secret?

xixingdafa: exceed

from the Jingdong was founded to now, we will find that the Jingdong is also in imitation of other electricity providers in advantages, such as logistics, Alibaba has promised to build their own logistics, and the Jingdong will follow on, but not every guest, but eventually did not achieve the ultimate success, but the collapse of their. Jingdong’s logistics is constantly absorbing the experience of its people, its strengths.

at the same time, the Jingdong in recent years in deepening the experience of their products, it is not suning.com, Jingdong’s product experience is not achieved by the store, and on the Internet and logistics, the Jingdong will achieve the ultimate user experience, let users feel comfortable.

can be said that the Jingdong xixingdafa used this trick is very clever, while absorbing the strengths of others, will also be the weaknesses of others as a warning, never overstepped, let the development of Jingdong less detours, but for an enterprise detours is to save capital, and these extra experience Jingdong, to do more important things, practicing their skills.

Ling Bo: the rise of micro financing suitable for rapid

throughout the years in Jingdong action, financing market, overseas listing, every step is very timely, every step seems to have in the crowd, but also very punctual, so this is the Jingdong’s horror, it is ready to grasp the market opportunity, make full preparation, the strength practice well, with that their Ling Bo micro, go well, doing it perfectly.

Jingdong in the capital market’s success can be said to further enhance the strength of Jingdong, brings a huge improvement for the Jingdong’s internal strength, with financial support, with the help of listed companies, some Jingdong will go farther in the future, this trick Ling Bo micro defensive moves out attack effect.

geshandaniu: do good marketing

some time ago, Liu Qiangdong and fry raise a Babel of criticism of tea MM event coincided with the listing of the Jingdong, this time Liu Qiangdong can be described as fast, love and career have a huge harvest, regardless of his love is true, at this time to show love for the Jingdong brought a lot of attention by vision this trick can be said with the very clever, do not give money, the media is free to help you return, save a lot of marketing expenses.

in recent years, Jingdong use network offensive really do well, the celebration of the festival can be found in its presence, can say soft marketing Jingdong do is geshandaniu, in this era.

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